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  2. DEMONICMU - SEASON 6 - 500X Server Links * WebPage: https://www.demonicmu.net * Forum: https://www.forum.demonicmu.net * Client: https://demonicmu.net/downloads * Discord: https://discord.gg/mS7ktWgMmX
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  4. Good news, as we all know the administration has worked hard to be a wholesome server, finally have installed premium Antihack and now can no longer worry about cheaters. We took the time to configure this server to give our players the best experience. The client is equipped with anti-cheat protection both with server side and a custom launcher with auto-updates. Server Links * WebPage: https://www.demonicmu.net * Forum: https://www.forum.demonicmu.net * Discord: https://discord.gg/mS7ktWgMmX 24/7 online, active and helpful administration Team is full of enthusiasm and we are ready to share it! Server with Exclusive Premium Season 6 Episode 3 Server files. Interesting gameplay with fully working events with balanced drops Innovative project with desire to strive for the best and introduce more new features. Server Information Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Classic Experience: 500x Drop: 45% Maximum Stats: 32767 Points Per Level: 5/7/7 Vote Reward: Enabled Elf Soldier Buff: 200 lvl Master Level: 200 lvl Party System: Enabled Special REWARDS from Events! Featured and Innovated 3D Camera HD Resolutions Support PvP Balanced System Features Reset: Yes Change Name: Yes XShop: Yes WebShop: NO!! Reconnect System Grand Reset System -> 65Reset = 1500 Silver Coins MU Helper: Yes ( Level 10 ) HP Bar Module Rudolf Pet search Jewels + Zen Location Dedicated: Canada Server Language: English NEW BOSS SYSTEM V.I.P SYSTEM NEW WINGS LEVEL 4/5 CUSTOM PETS/SETS/SHIELD NEW JEWELS HUNT ITEM'S / NEW JEWELS GRAND RESET SYSTEM DYNAMIC GREAT REWARDS FOR EVERY EVENT SERVER Freebies Set / Wings / Sword / Shield / Ring & Pendant( 14 Days ) BRONZE V.I.P ( 2 Days ) Server Event Castle Siege -> 16:00 GMT+2 "Sunday" Loren Deep CryWolf Devil Square (1-7) Blood Castle (1-8) Chaos Castle (1-7) Illusion Temple Event Swamp of Peace (Medusa) Golden Monster Invasion White Wizard Invasion Kalima (1-7) Event Kanturu Event LaCleon Event (Selupan) Pvp Championship Quiz Battle Royal COMMANDS: /post -> Global message /addstr -> Add Points to Strength /addagi -> Add Points to Agility /addene -> Add Points to Energy /addcom -> Add Points to Command /addvit -> Add Points to Vitality /marry [name] -> for marry with another charcater /pkclear -> Clear murderer status /reset - Reset your character from game. 400 level required. /reset auto On & Off - Reset Character Automated /openware -> Open warehouse . /changeware -> Change Vault 1 & 4. /clearinv -> Clear your Inventory. /lock -> Lock stash. /unlock -> Unlock stash. /zen -> Give's zen Trailer DemonicMU [MEDIA=youtube]Ux86TaihyoE[/MEDIA][/CENTER]
  5. [Updates] Changelog 10.01.2022: https://forum.elitemu.net/index.php?/topic/1072-changelog-10012022/ [Updates] Changelog 15.01.2022: https://forum.elitemu.net/index.php?/topic/1076-changelog-15012022/ [Updates] Changelog 20.01.2022: https://forum.elitemu.net/index.php?/topic/1081-changelog-20012022/
  6. - Version: Full Season 9, Part 2 - Experience: 5000x - Drop rate: 90% - Professional Anti-Hack system - Maximum Level: 400 - Maximum Master Level: 350 - Points per Level: Standard - 5/7 - Maximum stats: 65000 http://venom-mu.com
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  8. Launching x5000! A unique compilation of MU Online Season 6 Episode 3 with the best developments for the game. Pet Inventory, Warehouse Selector, Jewel Bank, New Minimap, Ruud System, Extended Party 10 Characters, Menu Configurable Ingame, Max 10 Characters Each Account, Display Online, Rating, Events And Account Registration In The Game. Basic information! Server version: Season 6 Episode 3 Server rates: x5000 Rates Master Level: x10 Maximum Level: 400 Maximum Master Level: 400 Maximum Reset: 100 Maximum MReset: 1000 Maximum Stats: 32000 Guild Creation: Min Reset 10 - Min 350 levels Maximum number of players in a guild: 20 Max count. Guild alliance: 3 Elf helper up to: 25 reset Max accounts from one IP: 10 MG-DL-RF are available from: 1 level Mu Helper: from level 1 Maximum amount Excellent options: 6 Maximum amount Socket options: 5 SCREENSHOTS http://msmu.su/about/images/description/bonuses/screenshots/1.png http://msmu.su/about/images/description/bonuses/screenshots/2.png http://msmu.su/about/images/description/bonuses/screenshots/3.png http://msmu.su/about/images/description/bonuses/screenshots/4.png http://msmu.su/about/images/description/bonuses/screenshots/10.png http://msmu.su/about/images/description/bonuses/screenshots/11.png http://msmu.su/about/images/description/bonuses/screenshots/12.png More information about the server can be found on the website. Web - MS MU Online
  9. ServerOpen13.01.2022.21.00Gmt2 Jan 13 2022 Welcome to MuAtlans (Old TheGame Style) Muatlans.com New Charecter 5 reset Bonus *DDos:Protection Premium Premium AntiHack * Ver: 97d+99i * Exp: 50 * Drop: 80% * Max level: 350 *Excellent Drop Rate : 1/80 * Points Per level: BK/SM/ELF - 5 MG - 8 *MaxResets: 450 *Zen Resets: 10.000.000 zen * Clear Skills on Resets: YES * Clear Points on Resets: YES * Clear on Sets: YES * Reset in Game Command no : Yes!(Just Websit ) * Clear Inventory And Chacter Items : YES!! * Pk Clear : 10.000.000 zen x KILL Ingame Commands * /add - add stats: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene * /post - global chat * /marry - Yes */quest - Yes (Check Quest progress) * /online Yes (Check online ppl) * /time Tak/Yes (Show server time) Chaos Machine Success Rates: Jewel of Soul : 70% / +Luck : 75% Jewel of Life : 75% Items +10 : 70% Items +11 : 60% 2nd level Wings Success rate : 80% Server Event: * Golden Invasions every hours * Blood Castle Event * Devil Square Event * Happy Hour x100 * Party exp event * Lucky Mixes (New) * Lucky Jevels * Sky Event * Quest System http://muatlans.com/?p=home
  10. https://locrusmu.eu/https://discord.gg/tqwu4tfyPnhttps://www.facebook.com/LocrusMuSeason 16 IGCN PremiumHello Mu online players!Year 2021 was for many of us challenging, due to Covid-19 pandemic many of us lost their jobs, loved ones and maybe a little bit of freedom as well.Because of these difficult times we decided to bring back something from the past, something everyone loved and that is our Locrus Mu online server. We would like some old faces, to come back and play with us once more.Let's forget for a while all the hardships of real life in these crazy times, come play with us this immortal game and lets make something good out of 2021.Our team has been working hard on this server for a long time in private. We have one month left to the final product and introduction of final settings.This post is more like to let you guys know we are out there working on this and to share our vision how Locrus server will look like. Our LocrusMU will be primarily for Czech-Slovak community, but we have to try to appeal to some foreign countries so we can grow.We've invested in this server a lot, so our server has the best server files on the market right now and that's IGCN premium files with the new Season 16. We also have new web sites which fully support Season 16.VPS hosting, webhosting and DDOS protection is a MUST have in this times so of course we got it.There are plans to make different types of servers in future like fun, non res etc, but in this season we picked Medium option, because we believe it has longer playtime. Basic server info:Season 16 Episode 1 Dynamic exp https://locrusmu.eu/guides/read/exp-reset/10 Max 2 accounts for one HWID adress. Elf Soldier buff to 400 level. Helper active from level 1. SM/BK NPC HELPER BUFF For Zen * Level to create Dark Knight, Dark Wizard , Fairy Elf, Summoner,Rune Wizard,Grown Lancer: 1 * Level to create Magic Gladiator: 1 * Level to create Rage Fighter: 1 * Level to create Dark Lord: 1 * Level to create Slayer: 1 * Level to create GunCrasher: 1 CashShop will be available, but amount of bonus exp from pets, seals etc., will be nerfed, so the VIPs don't have too much advantages. All events fully functional. All web applications fully functional.Character balance and monster strenght tuned carefully.All the information to this functions will be added to facebook/web gradually.If you like what you see here please share our web or facebook page to the other players you know, because the more the merrier! SERVER LOCATION / Country Czech Republic City Prage Starter Pack For New People
  12. EliteMU Online is ready to open updated version of HIGH server with EXP x5000 ! We recently released many big changes and updates...and we will continue to improve daily game-play and make server more interesting, balanced and of course - more fun. [center][color=orange][b]INFORMATION ABOUT "HIGH" x5000 SERVER[/b][/color][/center] [center][color=orange][b]Opening 7.JANUARY (19:00 by Server Time)[/b][/color][/center] [center][img]https://www.elitemu.net/assets/elitemu/images/EliteMU-BIG.gif[/img][/center] [img]https://www.elitemu.net/assets/elitemu/images/menu-icon_ff.png[/img] [b]ELITEMU - [color=#E94B29]COMMUNITY LINKS[/color][/b] • Website: https://www.elitemu.net • Registration: https://www.elitemu.net/registration • Downloads: https://www.elitemu.net/downloads • Forum: https://www.forum.elitemu.net [img]https://www.elitemu.net/assets/elitemu/images/menu_icon-home.png[/img] [b]HIGH x5000 - [color=#E94B29]GAME DATA[/color][/b] • Version: Season 6 Episode 3 • Experience: Dynamic ----- from 0 - 10 resets: x5000 ----- from 11 - 20 resets: x4000 ----- from 21 - 30 resets: x3000 ----- from 31 - 40 resets: x2000 ----- from 41 - 50 resets: x1000 • Master EXP: x10 • Drop: 50% • Elf NPC Buff Till: [color=green]ON[/color] (till level 350) • Official MU Helper: [color=green]ON[/color] (from 10 level, 125 zen * level for 5 minutes) • Regular items: max 2 excellent options [color=orange][LIMITED][/color] • Unique items: max 3 excellent options [color=orange][HOT][/color] • Class required level: SUM 1 = lvl, MG = 220 lvl, DL = 250 lvl, RF = 250 lvl • Points Per Level: 5/6/7 • Guild Create Level: 300 • Master Skill Tree: 200 (max level) • Max Stats: 32767 (32000 recommended) • Max Total Stats (Max GR + Max Resets): SM, ELF, BK, SUM = 102400 Free Points & MG, DL, RF = 110300 Free Points [color=orange][LIMITED][/color] • Max Stat Bonus from Quests (Achievements): +5000 Free Points [color=orange][HOT][/color] [img]https://www.elitemu.net/assets/elitemu/images/menu-icon_1.png[/img] [b]HIGH x5000 - [color=#E94B29]RESET & GRAND RESET[/color][/b] • Reset Limit: 50 resets • Reset Requirement: 400 level • Reset Price: 250k * resets [i](items+Zen are important)[/i] • Reset Reward: 10 Free Coins & 5 Gold Coins ----- Clear Magic/Spells: [color=red]OFF[/color] ----- Clear Inventory: [color=red]OFF[/color] ----- Clear Class: [color=red]OFF[/color] ----- Clear Stats: [color=green]ON[/color] ---------- Points for Reset: SM, ELF, BK, SUM = 900 points * resets & MG, DL, RF = 1050 points * resets • Max GR: 20 • GR Requirements: 50 resets & 400 level • GR Item Requirements: 2x Random Generated Items [color=orange][HOT][/color] • GR Price: 1kkk [i](items+Zen are important)[/i] • GR Reward: 2000 Free Coins & 200 Gold Coins ----- Clear Magic/Spells: [color=red]OFF[/color] ----- Clear Inventory: [color=red]OFF[/color] ----- Clear Class: [color=red]OFF[/color] ----- Clear Stats: [color=green]ON[/color] ---------- on 1st GR: 5000 Free Points ---------- on 2nd GR: 10000 Free Points ---------- on 3rd GR: 14500 Free Points ---------- on 4th GR: 19000 Free Points ---------- on 5th GR: 23500 Free Points ---------- on 6th GR: 27000 Free Points ---------- on 7th GR: 30500 Free Points ---------- on 8th GR: 34000 Free Points ---------- on 9th GR: 37000 Free Points ---------- on 10th GR: 40000 Free Points ---------- on 11th GR: 42500 Free Points ---------- on 12th GR: 45000 Free Points ---------- on 13th GR: 47000 Free Points ---------- on 14th GR: 49000 Free Points ---------- on 15th GR: 50500 Free Points ---------- on 16th GR: 52000 Free Points ---------- on 17th GR: 53000 Free Points ---------- on 18th GR: 54000 Free Points ---------- on 19th GR: 54500 Free Points ---------- on 20th GR: 55000 Free Points [img]https://www.elitemu.net/assets/elitemu/images/menu-icon_3.png[/img] [b]HIGH x5000 - [color=#E94B29]IN-GAME COMMANDS[/color][/b] • In-game Commands: [color=green]ON[/color] ----- /post: global chat, requirement level: 10 (500k zen) ----- /pkclear: 20kk * PK Count (at website 500kk - clears all PK) ----- /add: add free stats (/addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd) ----- /request off/on: to deny or accept any requests ----- /prop and /accept: to propose and accept marry ----- /teleport: teleports you to your husband/wife ----- /dcfriend player_name password: disconnect your friend character ----- /offtrade: to sell items in store offline ----- /offlevel: for leveling up offline [color=orange][LIMITED][/color] ----- /item_name: find almost all item information [img]https://www.elitemu.net/assets/elitemu/images/menu-icon_2.png[/img] [b]HIGH x5000 - [color=#E94B29]EVENT INFORMATION[/color][/b] • Bless Bug: [color=red]OFF[/color] • Monster Level: [color=green]ON[/color] (can see monster level) • Monster HP: [color=green]ON[/color] (can see monster HP bar) • Off Trade System: [color=green]ON[/color] • Off Level System: [color=green]ON[/color] • Marry System: [color=green]ON[/color] • Auto Reconnect System: [color=green]ON[/color] • Gens System: [color=green]ON[/color] • Goblin System: [color=green]ON[/color] (earn 1 Goblin Point every 5 minutes) • Bonus Event: [color=green]ON[/color] (extra EXP bonus 2 times per day) • Cash Shop 'X': [color=green]ON[/color] (pets, EXP buffs, tickets and more) • Chaos Card: [color=green]ON[/color] (useful rewards) • Cherry Blossom: [color=green]ON[/color] • Gold & Silver Sealed Box: [color=green]ON[/color] • Extra EXP locations: [color=green]ON[/color] (extra EXP bonus in Events) • And More [img]https://www.elitemu.net/assets/elitemu/images/menu-icon_ff.png[/img] [b]HIGH x5000 - [color=#E94B29]WEBSITE FEATURES[/color][/b] • Reset Stats: [color=green]ON[/color] • Reset Master Skill Tree: [color=green]ON[/color] • Exchange W Coins (C): [color=green]ON[/color] • Clear Inventory: [color=green]ON[/color] • Vote Reward: [color=green]ON[/color] (vote every 12h - Free Coins) • Quests (Achievements): [color=green]ON[/color] [color=orange][HOT][/color] • Character Market: [color=green]ON[/color] • Currency Market: [color=green]ON[/color] • Market: [color=green]ON[/color] • Senior Lord Mix: [color=green]ON[/color] (Unique 380 lvl weapons) • Lucky Coins Lottery: [color=green]ON[/color] (Unique rings & pendants) • Item Shop: [color=green]ON[/color] [color=orange][LIMITED][/color] ----- FO items: [color=red]OFF[/color] (max 2 Excellent options) ----- Item level +15 in Webshop: [color=red]OFF[/color] (max +12, only in-game max +15) ----- BOK +4, BOK +5 items in Webshop: [color=red]OFF[/color] ----- 380 lvl items in Webshop: [color=red]OFF[/color] ----- Ancient items in Webshop: [color=red]OFF[/color] ----- Socket items in Webshop: [color=red]OFF[/color] ----- 3rd lvl wings in Webshop: [color=red]OFF[/color] ----- Fenrir & other Pets in Webshop: [color=red]OFF[/color] • Trade Online Time (exchange your online time for Coins) • And More [img]https://www.elitemu.net/assets/elitemu/images/menu-icon_4.png[/img] [b]HIGH x5000 - [color=#E94B29]PARTY BONUS[/color][/b] • Party Exp Bonus: [color=green]ON[/color] ----- Duo Exp Bonus: [color=red]+ 0% EXP[/color] ----- Bronze Party Exp Bonus: [color=green]+ 5% EXP[/color] ----- Silver Party Exp Bonus: [color=green]+ 7.5% EXP[/color] ----- Gold Party Exp Bonus: [color=green]+ 10% EXP[/color]
  13. Mu Online Season 17 Brings new character Lemuria Mage 1st class: Lemuria Mage 2nd class: Warmage 3rd class: Archmage 4th Class: Mystic Mage Lemuria Mage Weapons Kris Short Sword Blade Small Axe Hand Axe Elven Axe Crescent Axe Crystal Morning Star Crystal Sword [Bound] Blue Moon Orb Royal Orb Myotis Orb Blue Moon Orb Spinel Orb Almandin Orb Blood Angel Orb Dark Angel Orb Holy Angel Orb Soul Orb Blue Eye Orb Silver Heart Orb Archangel's Absolute Orb Blessed Archangel's Absolute Orb Lemuria Mage, Warmage, Archmage, Mystic Mage Set Items Mage Pad Set Mage Sphinx Set Mage legendary Set Noble Pixie Set Finesse Set Geist Set Blood Angel Mage Set Dark Angel Mage Set Holy Angel Mage Set Soul Mage Set Blue Eye Mage Set Silver Heart Mage Set Lemuria Mage, Warmage, Archmage, Mystic Mage Set Items Wings Wings of Heaven Wings of Soul Eternal Wings Storm's Wings Lemuria Mage, Warmage, Archmage, Mystic Mage Skills Scroll of Poison Scroll of Meteorite Scroll of Lighting Scroll of Fire Ball Scroll of Flame Scroll of Ice Scroll of Twister Scroll of Hellfire Scroll of Power Wave Scroll of Inferno Scroll of Teleport Ally Scroll of Decay Scroll of Ice Storm Scroll of Wizardry Enhance Marvel Burst Law Book Unleash Marvel's Book Ultimate Force Law Book Beginner's Treatment Bead Beginner Defense Enhancement Bead Beginner Attack Power Enhancement Bead Beginner Recovery Bead Beginner Bless Bead
  14. DarkSideOFMu grand opening 27.12.2021 20.00 GMT+2 old version post is attached Gates to New Worlds: - Lorencia (237 240) ---> Place of Exile (9 11) - Place of Exile (9 11) ---> Lorencia (237 240) - Atlans (11 12) ---> Kalima (33 87) - Atlans (86 12) ---> Kalima 2 (21 28) - Icarus (16 12) ---> Icarus 2 (248 2) - Dungeon 3 (30 127) ---> InfraWorld (221) 52) - Dungeon 3 (2 85) ---> Old Davias (218 50) - Losttower 7 (6 86) ---> Chaos Castle (44 108) - Losttower 7 (55 246) ---> Aida (76) 11) - Losttower 7 (6 247) ---> Kundun Castle (117 27) - Stadium (102 118) ---> Dare Devil (46 72) - Dare Devil (46 72) ---> Stadium (101 118) ) - Stadium (9 116) ---> Crystal Castle (30 45) - Crystal Castle (10 116) ---> Stadium (102 118) DarkSideMu97j grand opening 27.12.2021 old version post is attached Server name: DarkSide OF Mu Server version: 97j+97p Server Experience: 80x Server Drop: 40 Bless Bug: Off Max Resets: 150 (later will be rised) Max level: 350 Reset level: 350 Keep stats: YES Reset zen: 20M * Res Number PK Clear zen: 20M Magic Gladiator creation level: 220lvl Maximum Item Levels: +11 / +16 add Golden Invasion: Every 1 hour Mana Shield Max Percent: 80% Mana Shield Agg: 350 agg per 1% Mana Shield Ene: 500 ene per 1% Max Guild Members: 30 ppl.< https://darksideofmu.net/?p=home
  15. [CENTER]https://i.ibb.co/nwxnXzn/fon-bggg-4-Fun-MU.png 24/7 online, active and helpful administration Team is full of enthusiasm and we are ready to share it! Server with Exclusive Season 3 Edition Server files. Interesting gameplay with fully working events with balanced drops Innovative project with desire to strive for the best and introduce more new features Webpage Link Web-> [url]https://www.4funmu.com[/url] Forum-> [url]https://www.forum.4funmu.com[/url] Discord-> [url]https://discord.com/invite/YsbbYHtFw3[/url] Server Information: - Version: Season III Custom - Experience: 500x - Happy Hours: 1000x Drop:70% - Item drop: 65% - BlessBug : Off - Points per level: 5/6 - Maximum Points: 32767 - Reset cost: 20.000.000 zen - Max level: 400 - PK Clear cost: 250.000 Zen - Post(/post) cost: 500.000 Zen - Level for reset: 400 - Level for create Guild : 250 - Elf Buffer Max level: 300 - Grand Reset: 65 resets ( = 3500 Coins ) - Ancient + Excellent F.O. Rates success: - Jewel Of Soul success: 80& - Jewel Of Soul success + Luck: 80% - Jewel Of Life success: 80% - Item +10 success: 90% - Item +11 success: 90% - Item +12 success: 85% - Item +13 success: 85% Coins/Credits: - Are used to buy anything you desire from our WebShop - Donations to keep server up - Grand Reset Reward - Vote Reward - Exchange online hours for credits - WebShop - Quests - Daily Bonuses COMMANDS: /post -> Global message /addstr -> Add Points to Strength /addagi -> Add Points to Agility /addene -> Add Points to Energy /addcom -> Add Points to Command /addvit -> Add Points to Vitality /marry [name] -> for marry with another charcater /pkclear -> Clear murderer status /reset - Reset your character from game. 400 level required. /request off -> Deny all requests from players. /request on -> Allow all requests from players. /money 999999 -> Give's zen /clearinv -> Clears character inventory /reset auto on & off -> Reset Auto /readd -> Restart your Stats [video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7YE4ahCqZo[/video][/CENTER]
  16. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! Celebrate this day with a heart, filled with happiness, cheer and love, share the blessings to others, because that is the true meaning of Christmas - Have a Happy Holidays everyone. ❄ Christmas Weekend Bonus +20% EXP starts from 24th December till 26th December !
  17. Come to new server.Good SPOTS GOOD SHOPS GOOD PLAY !
  18. Play4Mu Dynamic Exp System Season 1 For more information visit our Site : Server WebSite Server LinksWebSite: http://play4mu.com Discord Server: http://discord.gg/MXa3PqFvStart date: Official start date: 15.12.2021 18:00 Hour (GMT + 2:00) Server Rates *Version: 97d+99i *Experience: 100x (weekend 150x) / Rised Exp System *Item Drop: 40% *Max Resets: 25 (Every sunday at 22:00 max resets will rise with +2) *Reset Level: 350 *Keep Stats: No *Reset points: SM-350 / BK-320 / ELF-340 / MG- 360 *Reset Zen: 20M x Reset Number *Clear PK Zen: 10M x Kills *Stat Points Per level: BK/SM/ME - 5 MG - 7 *Chaos Machine Succes Rates: 80% *Jewels Success Rates: 80% *Bless Bug: OFF *WebShop: OFF *Monster Spawns: All Maps *Server Location: Bulgaria Server Features * Balanced PVP, NO MAX STATS CHARACTERS * Items Max Excellent options: 3 * Vote and Get Reward * MARRY SYSTEM * Davias AFK for credits -1 Hour = 1 Credit * Gold Party Bonus Exp: 3 ppl +10% | 4 ppl +20% | 5 ppl +30% * Visit our website for more information Hello Guys I wanna presented our Muonline Server Ver:97d+99i Rised Exp System. Our Server is not old but was offline couple of years and this time end Today 🙂 We Started 18:00 Hour and I wanna say to everybudy is wellcome to play and enjoy with as 🙂 .... Good Luck And Have Fun
  19. WebSite: http://play4mu.com/ Started Date: Сряда 18:00 Часа Wednesday 06:00 PM Server Information Version:97i+99d - Exp:1 drop:80% ( Every Weekend will be 2exp and 100% Drop) - Points Per Level BK-32/SM-35/ELF - 34/MG-36 - Magic Gladiator Creation after 220 lv - Max Level: 350 - Max Resets: 10 ( will be 50) - Reset Zen: 20 000 000 X reset - No WEB SHOP - Box in shop: No - Bless Bug : Off - Golden Archer - Afk kredits in Davias: 1 hour = 1 credit Spots of monsters: Everywhere WebSite Options: -Reset Stats -Double Stats -Change Name -Get Zen -Buy Pendant of Light +13 -Aucion 3 times per day on 4 hours -Market System -Vote Kredits -Buy Jewels -Jewels Bank DynamicExpSystem: 1-10 Resets Exp: 1 11-20 Resets Exp: 2 21-30 Resets Exp: 3 31-40 Resets Exp: 4 41-50 Resets Exp: 5 Reset Points: SM - 350 BK - 320 ELF - 340 MG - 360 Events: -Quest System - Started 15 -Blood Castle Week Event -Devil Square Every Week Event -Golden Dragon Invasion Every 1 hour Daily Events From 20:00 to 22:00 Hour -Sky Event Every day at 22:00 hour - Happy Hour Every day at 20:00 hour -Lucky Jewels +10% Every day at 20:30 hour Jewel Success Rates: - Jewel of Soul Success Rate + Luck: 90% - Jewel of Soul Success Rate: 90% - Jewel of Life Success Rate: 90% Chaos Machine Rates: Item +10 Success Rate (No Luck): 90% Item +10 Success Rate (With Luck): 90% Item +11 Success Rate (No Luck): 90% Item +11 Success Rate (With Luck): 90% Wings Level 1 Succsess Rate: 90% Wings Level 2 Succsess Rate: 90%
  20. GRAND OPENING - 26.12.2021 18:00 UTC+2 Dedicated Server is located in Europe/Germany NO FULL STATS SYSTEM! Who are we? AvroraMU is an innovative project, which purpose is to connect nostalgy from the good old MMORPG games with the functionality of the new MU online seasons. When do we start? Grand opening of the server is will be soon Links: Website: https://avroramu.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Avrora-Mu-Online-Gaming-Zone-112057124627276 Discord: https://discord.gg/hxnxvZKq Basic Server information: Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Experience: x200 Master Experience: x10 Drop: 50% Maximum Level: 400 Maximum Master Level: 200 Points per Level: 5/7/7 Points per Master Level: 1 Maximum Points per stat: 32767 Mu Helper: from level 80 ItemShop: ON InGameShop (XShop): ON Monster Spots in all maps Elf Soldier Buff Till: 300 level Creation of All Characters from = 1lvl Reset System (Max 50 resets): 1. Requirements: Level: 400 Reset cost = 100,000,000 2. Effect after reset: After reset: stat points clear Blade Knight - 900ppt Soul Master - 950ppt Magic Gladiator - 1050ppt Muse Elf - 950ppt Rage Fighter - 950ppt Summoner - 950ppt Dark Lord - 1050ppt Reset System (Max 50 resets): 1. Requirements: Level: 400 Resets: 10 for now(every week +5) Dynamic Experience: 0 - 10 Resets = 200% exp 11 - 20 Resets = 180% exp 21 - 30 Resets = 160% exp 31 - 40 Resets = 140% exp 41- 50 Resets = 120% exp Server and Game Features: Reconnect System - No Disconnects Off-Level - /offlevel Auto Party System - Party matching Muun System - All kind of Muun Pets in game Off-trade System - Trade items being offline (Only available on the "market" map) Monster hp, defense, damage increased - harder level up Wcoins can be awarded by completing in game events: BC, DS, CC, Crywolf, Nightmare, Doppelganger A new character is available from season 16: Gun Crusher > New Character Future Avaivable - Gun Crusher 3D Camera All drops well configured and balanced > All drops well organised Professional Team Game Style: PVE / PvP And other futures that have been introduced since season 6 Bugless files! Events: Blood Castle Chaos Castle Devil Square Doppelganger Castle Siege Crywolf Dragon Invazion And much more exciting events you will find in game
  21. Mu Online Season 17 Brings new character Light wizard, called Kundun 1st class: Light Wizard 2nd class: Light Master 3rd class: Shining Wizard 4th Class: Luminous Wizard Light Wizard Weapons Kris Divine Staff of Archangel Blood Angel Magic Book Short Sword Staff of Kundun Dark Angel Magic Book Blade Grand Viper Staff Holy Angel Magic Book Pandora Pick (Two-Handed) Platina Staff Soul Magic Book Small Axe Inberial Staff Blue Eye Magic Book Hand Axe Chrome Staff Silver Heart Magic Book Elven Axe Miracle Staff Manticore Staff Crescent Axe Spite Staff Shining Feather Magic Book Crystal Morning Star Bloodangel Staff Crystal Sword Blessed Divine Arch Staff Skull Staff Darkangel Staff Angelic Staff Holyangel Staff Serpent Staff Soul Staff Thunder Staff Blue Eye Staff Gorgon Staff Silver Heart Staff Legendary Staff Basic Magic Book Staff of Resurrection Elemental Magic Book Chaos Lighting Staff Elemental Magic Book Staff of Destruction Wise Magic Book Dragon Soul Staff Legendary Magic Book Light Wizard, Light Master, Shining Wizard, Luminous Wizard items Glimmer Set Light Ray Set Flash Set Magic Flare Set Bright Set Darjeeling Set Blood Angel Light Wizard Set Dark Angel Light Wizard Set Holy Angel Light Wizard Set Soul White Wizard Set Blue Eye White Wizard Set Silver Heart White Wizard Set Manticore White Wizard Set Light Wizard, Light Master, Shining Wizard, Luminous Wizard Skills Scroll of Lighting Scroll of Teleport Scroll of Ice Scroll of Twister Scroll of Power Wave Scroll of Aqua Beam Scroll of Cometfall Scroll of Teleport Ally Scroll of Nova Scroll of Wizardry Enhance Shining Bird Law Book Dragon Violent Law Book Spear Storm Law Book Reflection Barrier Book Light Wizard Wings Small White Cloak (small wings) Pure White Cloak (first class wings) Wings of Magic (2,5 lvl wings) Cloak of Innocence (third class wings) Cloak of Brilliance (forth class wings)
  22. Changelog 01.12.2021 [+] Added New Donate Method "Crypto" [+] Changed BOK Rings & Pendants min level +7 [+] Changed BOK Rings & Pendants max level +9 [+] Changed Item Shop Rings & Pendants max level +9 [+] Changed Lucky Coin Lottery Accessory level +9 [+] Changed Infinity Arrow Skill Time to 36 hours [+] Fixed reported Pendant issues with options [+] Fixed Quests issues after using Change Name [+] Fixed Quests reward issue with Expired Pets
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