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    To expand your vault, you need an item called "Vault Expansion Certificate".To expand your inventory (1/2), you need an item called "Magic Backpack". 1. Talk to «Wandering Merchant Zyro» and accept the quest. Coordinates. Lorencia (131,138) Noria (186,109) Devias (226,52) Elveland (55,199) Quest «Ancient Statue» to expand the Vault. - You can get Ancient Statue from Death Knight at LostTower 6/7. Quest «Magic Cloth» to expand the inventory of the 1. - You can get Magic Cloth from Silver Valkyrie at Atlans 3. Quest «Space Cloth» on the expansion of the inventory 2. - You can get Space Cloth from Alquamos at Icarus. Magic Cloth. Space Cloth. aka- Rune Cloth. Use Magic backpack by clicking the right mouse button.Then reconnect to the game «Switch Character».
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