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  1. Scorched Canyon map with Elite Zones 1) Hunter setting (1) The Scorched Gorge can be moved through the command window and the portal north of the Tarkan Safe Zone. (2) Scotch Canyon request window: Zen: 50,000 (3) Scorched Canyon Entry Level: Level 1050 (4) Scorched Canyon Penalty Release Level: Level 1070 (Hunting of characters above 1070 is recommended.) (5) When a character dies or reconnects, they move to the Scorched Canyon Safety Zone. 2) Main drop items (1) When you kill a Scorched
  2. A. Mastery Items, Source MU KOREA 1. Update 4th Mastery Weapon 1) Ruud Mastery Weapon Soul Item (1) Soul Weapon Item Information Mastery Weapon Classification class Item name Weapon type skill Dragon Knight Soul Sword One-handed sword Return Grand Wizard Soul Staff One-Handed Staff
  3. Excellent socket necklace Guide by MUKOREA 1. Introduction 1) Excellent socket necklace (1) Excellent socket necklace has a total of 4 types. (2) Excellent socket necklaces have excellent options like necklace items in existing games, This item has a socket that can be equipped with an additional seed sphere. (3) Up to three sockets can be opened. (4) Only the existing 'water / wind / land' type seed sphere can be mounted on the socket. ① The installation and extraction of seed spears can be done through the seedmaster NPC of E
  4. Slayer 6th Mastery Items, Silver Heart Set This set is available from Season 15 Episode 2 Only. Other class silver heart sets. Upgrade combination Upgrade items Master combination materials Jewelry materials Probability of success Combination results +11 level 16 options or higher Blue Eye Slayer Set Armor Ancestral spirit Jewel of Blessing 30 Jewel of Soul 30 Jewel of Chaos 1 Jewel of Creation 1 100% +0 Level 0 Option Fleet's
  5. Guardian-Ice Dragon Pet 1. Introduction 1) The 2nd Guardian 'For Ice' is added. (1) The 2nd Guardian 'For Ice' and 'For Ice (Rare)' are added. ① Ice dragons (rare) can be obtained with low probability as guardians of different colors from ice dragons. (2) The 2nd Guardian is an inven-mounted vehicle. (3) The 2nd Guardian can be obtained through the 1st Guardian Upgrade combination. Ice dragon Ice dragon (rare) Lv.900 Lv.900 2. Acquiring th
  6. 1. Fourth Generation Blue Eye Mastery Weapons Class Item Type Skill Blade Master Blue Eye Sword Sword 1hand Cyclone Grand Master, Duel Master Blue Eye Staff
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    Blue Eye Set Items

    In Season 14 new items called Blue Eye Set Items was added in the game! Set Items Blue Eye - Added a new set for characters at level 1000+.- Blue Eye set is created by combining the Ancient Awakening set and Sealed item from Priest James.- The Blue Eye set will drop from the map. Kubera Mine and Abyss of Atlans. Cold Marriage Cold Horn must be purchased from the NPC James Ruud Store at Elbeland Map (location 32, 239). 3. Ingredients for creating Blue EyeAncient Awakening set +11 to 16Cold Marriage.30 Jewel of Bless30 Jewel of Soul1 Jewel of Chaos1 Jewel of
  8. Converter Monster Soul: Monster Spirit Collection System By collecting souls at the Soul Trans Former, collecting souls until complete, turning Monster Soul is a reward. Ruud Jewels Option Type (Pentagram type element) Accessories Ornaments ( Only Monster Soul Coverter LV 5 ) The NPC Priest James can be found at Elbeland. Soul Transformer will not be available for purchase on Thursdays from 0.30 a.m. - 11 a.m. The Soul Transformer can be purchased 3 times a week, and on Tuesdays at 3:10 PM, the Soul Transformer purchase cycle will be res
  9. Atlans (Abyss of Atlans) Season 14 Part 2 brings new map: Atlans (Abyss of Atlans) This map has same skins as regular Atlans maps, as well as the same monster skins, but defense, damage, drop is new! Abyss of Atlans is available from 1000 Level! According to Atlans' ancient records, it was created to seal the 'Hydra' at the time of Kundun's invasion. It was revealed that the space of' Abyss' exists. Abyssal area consisting of three floors Atlans (Abyss) is divided into 1/2/3 levels Abyss of Atlans 1 Abyss of Atlans 2 Abyss of Atlans
  10. To Reset Master Skill tree that is gained after third class quest mu online player needs to get Scroll of Grey oblivion, on private servers its is sold at Potion Girl in Lorencia map. To Reset Skill Enhancement that is gained after forth class quest mu online player needs to get Scroll of oblivion, on private servers its is sold at Potion Girl in Lorencia map. There are Scroll of Green oblivion to reset first master window There are Scroll of Blue oblivion to reset second master window There are Scroll of RED oblivion to reset third master window
  11. Mu Online Season 16 Coming with new Strength and Energy based character GunCraher First class: Guncrasher Second class: GunBreaker Third Class: Master GunBreaker Forth class: High Guncrasher Characters main weapon is: Pistol Check Season 16 Mu Online Servers New Character Guncrusher (GunCrasher) Guncrusher the same as Summoner starts his journey at Elebeland! 2. Basic setting Starting town Elbeland Basic Stats HP
  12. Ghost Horse Creation and level up guide You can acquire the Guardian Items by purchasing them at the NPC "Moss" located in Elveland. Description of the Guardian Items Any Guardian Item can be used from level 800 onward. Ghost Town is equipped from inventory. Any Guardian item when used erodes its durability. Guardian Items have a Normal option or an Elite resistance option. Reduction and Recovery of Life The "Jewel of Bless" recovers 100% life of the Ghost Horse NOTE: The option of the Master Skill Tree (Durability Reduction 3) does not affect the Guardian Item Creation and Improvement Co
  13. Dragon Knight Class Renewal Dragon Knight guide By Mu KOREA Season 15 Episode 2 brings new renewal for Dark Knight class. Increase attack skill use distance by using sword rage skill and increases hunting efficiency by increasing the damage range, of blow-based skills . New skill: Sword's Fury Sword's Fury Required stat Power: 1060 The Dark Knight's Sword of Fury skill is a skill increases range. After use, the range of attack skills and the attack range of the blow series inc
  14. Event entry levels for Season 15 have changed as the top level are 1200 now. From now all non regular levels goes to event map 1! Blood Castle Entry Levels Blood Castle 1 Minimum Level = 50 Maximum Level = 399 Blood Castle 2 Minimum Level = 400 Maximum Level = 499 Blood Castle 3 Minimum Level = 500 Maximum Level = 599 Blood Castle 4 Minimum Level = 600 Maximum Level = 699 Blood Castle 5 Minimum Level = 700 Maximum Level = 799 Blood Castle 6 Minimum Level = 800 Maximum Level = 899 Blood Castle 7 Minimum Level = 900 Maximum Le
  15. Combo skill is available for all classes, not only Dark Knight. To do combo player must use skills in right order, the correct order is: First skill and after any other from next skill list. Combo will be activated after 3 skills sequence, and after last third skill usage. Dark Wizard, Soul Master, Grand Master, Soul Wizard combo First Skill: Energy Ball Next skill: Aqua beam, Inferno Dark Knight, Blade Knight, Blade Master, Dragon Knight combo First skill: Falling, Lunge, Uppercut, Cyclone, Slash Next skill: Twisting Slash, Rage-full Blow, De
  16. How to upgrade items to +10 +11 +12 +13 +14 +15 in Season 15 Season 15 item upgrade In Season 15 item upgrade +10 +11 +12 +13 +14 +15 is made from new tab! Equipment Reinforcement Published by Admin
  17. From season 14 jewels are stacked directly from inventory. To divide jewels or other items use DIVIDE button from above inventory
  18. Season 15 comes with new charter slayer mu online Slayer SKILLS Slayer uses same 2 skills as Dark Knight and 3 weapon skills Twisting slash Ragefull Blow New skills for slayer Detection Bead Bat Flock Bead Pierce Attack bead Sword Inertia bead Sword Inertia Skill name Sword Inertia Skill requirement Level: 30 / Strength: 50 / Agility: 100 Pentagram Main Properties dark Skill description The character moves quickly left and right, thr
  19. Here are the list of commands for players and game masters for Season 14! List of commands for players Allow to post a message within actual Game Server, usage: /post <message> PostCMD = /post Allows to post a message among all sub servers usage: /gpost <message> GlobalPostCMD = /gpost Add stats in game command Allows to add multiple strength points by player, usage: /addstr <points_count> AddSTRCMD = /addstr Allows to add multiple agility points by player, usage: /addagi <points_c
  20. At forth wing (4th class wings) creation is needed 8 peaces of ingredients : Garuda's Feather Garuda's Flame 50 Golden Crests or Golden Sentence Higher Magic Stone Jewel of Chaos Bundle (30) Bundle of Jewel of Soul (30) Bundle of Jewel of Bless (30) Bundle of Jewel of Creation (30) Golden sentence drops in mu online private servers from maps Deep Dungeon and Swamp of darkness Deep Dungeon 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 from monsters Deep Dungeon Skeleton Warrior Deep Dungeon Chief Skeleton Archer Deep Dungeon Chief Skeleton Deep Dungeon Larva D
  21. Blue Aye items for fourth class characters Soul Wizard Dragon Knight Noble ELf Magic Knight Empire Lord Dimension Summoner Fist Blazer Shining Lancer 1) Upgrading Awakening soul items Awakening Knight Frost Knight Awakening Wizard Frost Wizard
  22. Blood angel items can be upgraded to more powerful Dark Angel items. First, you need to make then +11+16, after that check this guide! Blood Angel Knight Dark Angel Knight Blood Angel Wizard Dark Angel Wizard Blood Angel Elf Dark Angel Elf
  23. A. Mastery Items, Source MU KOREA 1. Update 4th Mastery Weapon 1) Ruud Mastery Weapon Soul Item (1) Soul Weapon Item Information Mastery Weapon Classification class Item name Weapon type skill Dragon Knight Soul Sword One-handed sword Return Grand Wizard Soul Staff One-Handed Staff
  24. A. Archangel's absolute weapon Source: MU KOREA 1. Archangel's Absolute Lance / Blessed Archangel's Absolute Lance 1) Glow Lancer Archangel's absolute weapon item information (1) Absolute Lance of the Archangel Weapons Wear level No limit Min / max damage 115 ~ 126 speed of attack 40 Need force 215 Need Dexterity 158
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