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  1. Looking for guides creators. PM for details
  2. Blood castle rewards are given by points player earns on blood castle event. Regular Monster Kill = 5 Boss Monster Kill = 20 Gate Destroy = 100 Statue Destroy = 200 Blood Castle Rewards: 100 - 400 Points: Mastery Box(Minor) 401 - 800 Points: Mastery Box(Standard) 801 - MAX Points: Mastery Box(Standard)
  3. Owner Dexter Butalid Owner email [email protected] Postal code 90041 Origin United States
  4. From Season 14 Mu Online has Improved Jewel Stacking System Jewels no longer need to be stacked with Lahap NPC, now they are stacked right in the inventory, simply dragging jewel on each other. Jewels can be disabled in inventory as well, using button Disassemble and left click on stacked jewels This function does not costs zen Maximum stacked jewel is 50 Jewels that is picked in game, stacks automatically Chaos machine no longer needs un-stacked jewels, it will unstack automatically for mix and wont take more than required! For example you need 4 jewels for
  5. Orange Orange damage color indicates a Normal/Regular hit. The damage depends on the weapons ,sockets, items being used and the character class. Blue Blue damage color indicates Critical damage hit. Critical damage can be increased with the use of special sets, weapons, accessories and/or wings with +Luck option. Dark Lords can also increase critical damage with its buffs. Green Green damage color indicates Excellent damage hit. This damage will appear if the character is using at least an item with the option Excellent Damage 10%. These optio
  6. Owner Tuyen Nguyen Owner email [email protected] Postal code 23456 Origin United States
  7. Owner: Brendon Buckingham Owner email: [email protected] Origin Australia
  8. Owner: bobi then boon cuan Owner email: [email protected] Origin Malaysia
  9. Customer email: [email protected] Cardholder name: Tuyen Nguyen Postal code 23456 Origin United States
  10. 7th Mastery Set Armor Maticore Items Dragon Knight Maticore Items Roaring Manticore Knight Set Wear condition level 1200 or higher division Knight helmet Knight armor Knight pants Knight boots Demand force 781 933 844 739 Demand agility 240 287 256 224 De
  11. In Mu online Season 16 new sound related error appears, after running main.exe some of players gets error fmodex.dll Themida error: Cannot find 'fmodex.dll', Please, reinstall the application. Solutions to fix it: Go to windows start menu and look for User Account Control settings Change notification bar to Never Notify Press Ok You can run the game now Solution Number 2 is install your windows update: October 20, 2020-KB4581000 Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework 3.5, 4.7.2 and 4.8 for Windows 10, version 1809 and Windows Server, ve
  12. Temple of Arnil MAP for Mu Online Season 16 Source MUKOREA Map name How to move the map Entry level Hunting penalty level Temple of Arnil 1. M Window - You can move by consuming 50,000 Zen 2. [Walking] You can move through the entrance at the location of Elbeland (209, 135) 1100 1130 Arnil Temple is an attribute hunting ground, and monsters with attributes appear. M
  13. Scorched Canyon map with Elite Zones 1) Hunter setting (1) The Scorched Gorge can be moved through the command window and the portal north of the Tarkan Safe Zone. (2) Scotch Canyon request window: Zen: 50,000 (3) Scorched Canyon Entry Level: Level 1050 (4) Scorched Canyon Penalty Release Level: Level 1070 (Hunting of characters above 1070 is recommended.) (5) When a character dies or reconnects, they move to the Scorched Canyon Safety Zone. 2) Main drop items (1) When you kill a Scorched
  14. A. Mastery Items, Source MU KOREA 1. Update 4th Mastery Weapon 1) Ruud Mastery Weapon Soul Item (1) Soul Weapon Item Information Mastery Weapon Classification class Item name Weapon type skill Dragon Knight Soul Sword One-handed sword Return Grand Wizard Soul Staff One-Handed Staff
  15. Excellent socket necklace Guide by MUKOREA 1. Introduction 1) Excellent socket necklace (1) Excellent socket necklace has a total of 4 types. (2) Excellent socket necklaces have excellent options like necklace items in existing games, This item has a socket that can be equipped with an additional seed sphere. (3) Up to three sockets can be opened. (4) Only the existing 'water / wind / land' type seed sphere can be mounted on the socket. ① The installation and extraction of seed spears can be done through the seedmaster NPC of E
  16. Slayer 6th Mastery Items, Silver Heart Set This set is available from Season 15 Episode 2 Only. Other class silver heart sets. Upgrade combination Upgrade items Master combination materials Jewelry materials Probability of success Combination results +11 level 16 options or higher Blue Eye Slayer Set Armor Ancestral spirit Jewel of Blessing 30 Jewel of Soul 30 Jewel of Chaos 1 Jewel of Creation 1 100% +0 Level 0 Option Fleet's
  17. Guardian-Ice Dragon Pet 1. Introduction 1) The 2nd Guardian 'For Ice' is added. (1) The 2nd Guardian 'For Ice' and 'For Ice (Rare)' are added. ① Ice dragons (rare) can be obtained with low probability as guardians of different colors from ice dragons. (2) The 2nd Guardian is an inven-mounted vehicle. (3) The 2nd Guardian can be obtained through the 1st Guardian Upgrade combination. Ice dragon Ice dragon (rare) Lv.900 Lv.900 2. Acquiring th
  18. 1. Fourth Generation Blue Eye Mastery Weapons Class Item Type Skill Blade Master Blue Eye Sword Sword 1hand Cyclone Grand Master, Duel Master Blue Eye Staff
  19. admin

    Blue Eye Set Items

    In Season 14 new items called Blue Eye Set Items was added in the game! Set Items Blue Eye - Added a new set for characters at level 1000+.- Blue Eye set is created by combining the Ancient Awakening set and Sealed item from Priest James.- The Blue Eye set will drop from the map. Kubera Mine and Abyss of Atlans. Cold Marriage Cold Horn must be purchased from the NPC James Ruud Store at Elbeland Map (location 32, 239). 3. Ingredients for creating Blue EyeAncient Awakening set +11 to 16Cold Marriage.30 Jewel of Bless30 Jewel of Soul1 Jewel of Chaos1 Jewel of
  20. Converter Monster Soul: Monster Spirit Collection System By collecting souls at the Soul Trans Former, collecting souls until complete, turning Monster Soul is a reward. Ruud Jewels Option Type (Pentagram type element) Accessories Ornaments ( Only Monster Soul Coverter LV 5 ) The NPC Priest James can be found at Elbeland. Soul Transformer will not be available for purchase on Thursdays from 0.30 a.m. - 11 a.m. The Soul Transformer can be purchased 3 times a week, and on Tuesdays at 3:10 PM, the Soul Transformer purchase cycle will be res
  21. Atlans (Abyss of Atlans) Season 14 Part 2 brings new map: Atlans (Abyss of Atlans) This map has same skins as regular Atlans maps, as well as the same monster skins, but defense, damage, drop is new! Abyss of Atlans is available from 1000 Level! According to Atlans' ancient records, it was created to seal the 'Hydra' at the time of Kundun's invasion. It was revealed that the space of' Abyss' exists. Abyssal area consisting of three floors Atlans (Abyss) is divided into 1/2/3 levels Abyss of Atlans 1 Abyss of Atlans 2 Abyss of Atlans
  22. To Reset Master Skill tree that is gained after third class quest mu online player needs to get Scroll of Grey oblivion, on private servers its is sold at Potion Girl in Lorencia map. To Reset Skill Enhancement that is gained after forth class quest mu online player needs to get Scroll of oblivion, on private servers its is sold at Potion Girl in Lorencia map. There are Scroll of Green oblivion to reset first master window There are Scroll of Blue oblivion to reset second master window There are Scroll of RED oblivion to reset third master window
  23. Mu Online Season 16 Coming with new Strength and Energy based character GunCrusher First class: Guncrusher Second class: GunBreaker Third Class: Master GunBreaker Forth class: High GunCrusher Characters main weapon is: Pistol Check Season 16 Mu Online Private Servers for private servers where to play with GunCrusher New Character Guncrusher (GunCrusher) GunCrusher the same as Summoner starts his journey at Elebeland! 2. Basic setting Starting town Elbeland Basic
  24. Ghost Horse Creation and level up guide You can acquire the Guardian Items by purchasing them at the NPC "Moss" located in Elveland. Description of the Guardian Items Any Guardian Item can be used from level 800 onward same success rate are on all mu online private servers. Ghost Town is equipped from inventory. Any Guardian item when used erodes its durability. Guardian Items have a Normal option or an Elite resistance option. Reduction and Recovery of Life The "Jewel of Bless" recovers 100% life of the Ghost Horse NOTE: The option of the Master Skill Tree (Durability Reduction 3) does n
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