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  1. Get Free 500 Coins: http://forum.elitemu.net/index.php?/topic/790-fb-event-7-get-free-500-coins/
  2. HIGH x1000 Opening TODAY ! * Get Free 500 Coins, more info: http://forum.elitemu.net/index.php?/topic/769-fb-event-6-get-free-500-coins/
  3. Changelog 01.12.2020 [+] Fixed website reported bugs [+] Removed extra monsters from BC 1-6 [+] Changed BC Statue to first room (after 1st bridge) [+] Increased item drop rate by +10% when finishing BC (more info: HERE) [+] [LOW x50] Changed Max GR limit = 5 [+] [LOW x50] Changed GR free point reward system: ---------- on 1st GR: 20000 Free Point ---------- on 2nd GR: 35000 Free Points ---------- on 3rd GR: 45000 Free Points ---------- on 4th GR: 50000 Free Points ---------- on 5th GR: 55000 Free Points [+] [LOW x50] Changed reset level for Newcommers: ---------- 1st
  4. Server is successfully opened and stable and planning to open different rate very soon, stay tuned ! Updates & Changes: http://forum.elitemu.net/index.php?/forum/4-changelog/ Events: http://forum.elitemu.net/index.php?/forum/3-events/
  5. New server Launch TODAY - Join US ! * Get Free 500 Coins, more info: http://forum.elitemu.net/index.php?/topic/746-low-x50-fb-event-5-get-free-500-coins/
  6. Changelog 31.10.2020 [+] Added New 12 hour option for Seals, Pets in CashShop (re-launch Launcher for updates) [+] Increased Top Boss Strength by ~30% (need team-up) [+] Increased Price for Elite Pots, Sphere in CashShop [+] Changed Medusa Boss item drop count to 3 items (more info: HERE) [+] Removed Drakan spot from Stadium [+] Updated some features in websites functionality * In case there is issues with Launcher (Game Client), try to re-launch it or simply re-download Client from website !
  7. Changelog 11.10.2020 [+] Updated Game Client with Anti Hack Protection (more info: HERE) [+] Updated Blood Castle event with new map and spots (in far future entry limit will be 20 players) [+] Fixed Twisting Slash issue before 80 level [+] Fixed Skill Delay time for other lang game client [+] Fixed correct CS Cycle Periods time in website (except CS Fight start time - different for each server) [+] Changed Selupan Boss item drop count to 2 items (more info: HERE) [+] Changed SM teleport delay time from 7 to 5 seconds [+] Changed Launcher Key Bindings (more info: HERE) [+] Ch
  8. Changelog 15.09.2020 [+] Fixed Ancient item Gaion Storm Crow Boots drop [+] Decreased RF PvM damage by 15% (more info: HERE) [+] Increased SM vs BK PvP damage by 20% (more info: HERE) [+] Increased BK vs BK PvP damage by 10% (more info: HERE) [+] Changed Castle Siege fight start time by -1 hour (more info: HERE) [+] Changed Castle Siege period cycle time (more info: HERE) [+] Changed Die Location place in CryWolf to safe zone [+] Changed Devias back to PvP type zone [+] Changed Devias to PK Free zone (PK not increased) [+] Added Master EXP in (DS) Devil Square, is tripled 3
  9. Changelog 12.09.2020 [+] Added New Feature Luck option for 3rd Wings (more info: HERE) [+] Added Premium Launcher system for fast updates [+] Changed Potion Delay Time (from 8 potions to 7 potions per second) [+] Changed Delay 7 seconds to SM Teleport scrolls [+] Changed TOP 10 Voter reward to Gold Coins (more info: HERE) [+] Changed Lord Mix Daily Limit = 3 and mix settings (more info: HERE) [+] Changed Requests command to: /request on/off (more info: HERE) [+] Fixed Skill Tree Reset function in website [+] Fixed client freeze while having multiple client instances running a
  10. MEDIUM x200 Opening TODAY ! * Get Free 500 Coins, more info @ Forum
  11. Changelog 20.08.2020 [+] Fixed Shield +skill for Defense (Shields Skill) now its giving -20% of damage [+] Fixed Dark Raven Pet Attack Success Rate [+] Removed Off-Level in map: Arena/Stadium [+] Changed Off-Level time limit to 12h / 24h VIP [+] Changed Devias to Non-PvP map [+] Decreased BK Swell Life Max buff 115% to 80% (Regular) / 100% (on Max ML) [+] Increased BK Combo damage by 20% [+] Increased Life Stone HP (HP = BC+8 statue)
  12. Opening TODAY - Join US ! Event started, more info: http://forum.elitemu.net/index.php?/forum/3-events/
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