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  1. Image First name Required Level Required Level Transaction Those who use it Pentagram for Beginners
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    Muun Pets

    Image First name Rating Features Luki ☆☆☆ Increase Defense Special Power: (10:00 am ~ 4:00 pm) (GST)
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    Misteryous Stone

    Mysterious Stone - The Mysterious Stone is an item that can change the option of your Items Mastery (Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel, Awakening). - The Mysterious Stone can only be obtained by buying it with real money. Mysterious Stone How to use Mysterious StoneWhen using the Mysterious Stone in an Item Mastery, the options will change. - Move the Mysterious Stone on the Item Mastery Mastery Set Options Options Mastery additional (Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel, Awakening)
  4. The Rune Wizard (Rune Mage) is a half-elf who was born between the noble arkacrats of arka and the elves of the wolf's altar. The Rune Wizard Borns in Noria to get revenge. Information about the Rune Wizard 1) Birth of the Rune Wizard The Rune Wizard will start at Noria when it connects for the first time. You can raise the level by hunting monsters, doing tutorials and guided quests. 2) Evolution Rune Mage Evolution First name Default status Rune Wizard / Rune Mage
  5. The best weapon in the world of MU Divine Archangel Weapon can be Upgraded It will increase the DMG and option but also special skills will be added to Divine Archangel Weapon. PREPARING TO UPGRADE DIVINE ARCHANGEL WEAPON FIRST INGREDIENT - UPGRADING DIVINE ARCHANGEL WEAPON To upgrade Divine Archangel Weapon, it needs to be +15 item level with +16 Jewel of Life option level PLUSS ARCHANGEL'S HAMMER To make 'Archangel's Hammer', you need to collect 10 Steel of Heaven from boss and field boss monsters. Archangel's Hammer can be created: St
  6. Holyangel Weapons 1. 3rd Mastery Weapon Item Update Holyangel Weapon Item Class Categories (2) New Combination Material for Upgrading Holyangel - Holyangel Anvil [Holyangel Anvil] A new combination material for upgrading a mu online Darkangel weapon: Holyangel Anvil. It can be purchased from James, an NPC in Elbeland, for 100,000 Ruud. 3) Crafting Holyangel Weapons The "Excellent DMG Rate 10%" option will remain fixed when changing Excellent options. In addition, 2 or 3 more options may be created. When upgra
  7. Magic Stone - They are Items required for combinations as of Season 13 EP1. - Depending on the price of the item the number of Magic Stone created may be different. - If the Item does not meet the requirements to create the Magic Stone, the item in the combination will be destroyed. - Up to 50 Magic Stone can be superimposed. Types of Magic Stone and ways to create them Image First name Items Needed to Create it Lower Magic Stone
  8. Wings Level 4 - Equipment (1) You must be Level 800 or higher and have completed the 4th Class Upgrade to equip this item. 2) Combine Wings (1) +13 or higher 3rd Wings can be used as materials to combine. (2) As with the 3rd Wings, the 4th Wings can be made through feathers and wings combination. Items Rate Combination Material Items Garuda's Feather 60%
  9. Swamp of Darkness 1. Swamp of Darkness 1) Entering the Swamp of Darkness Characters at Level 800 or higher may enter. Click and enter "Swamp of Darkness" from the Movement Order window (Hotkey M). Cost: 50,000 Zen 2) Swamp of Darkness Field Settings Swamp of Darkness consists of five elemental fields: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and Darkness. You can go to any of the elemental fields using their designated gate from the safe zone. Swamp of darkness is one of the maps that drops Golden Sentence
  10. Master Skill Tree Renewal 1. Master skills related to debuffs have been removed or changed. 2. New master skills have been added. 3. The bug where raising the grade did not increase the value of some master skills has been fixed. 4. The enhancement method of some master skills has been changed. All-Class Common 1. Skill Removal 1) Following master skills related to debuff have been removed. Skill Name Skill Effect Poison Resistance Increase
  11. 4th Class Upgrade Level Up EXP 1. 4th Class Upgrade New Level Up EXP System Application 1) Max Level Expansion The maximum character level is increased to 920. 2) Level Up EXP Acquisition Restriction 3rd Class characters with level 800 or higher can no longer acquire EXP, and must become the 4th Class in order to acquire EXP. 4th Class characters can only acquire EXP from monsters at level 160 or higher, and cannot acquire EXP from those below level 160. 3) 4th Class Upgrade New Level Up EXP Application
  12. 4th Class Skill Tree - Skill Enhance Tree 1. Using Skill Enhance Tree 1) Conditions Skill tree can be reseted with scroll of oblivion (1) Skill Enhance Tree UI 1. Once the 4th Class Upgrade is completed, the character is able to gain powerful skills from the Skill Enhance Tree. 2. The Skill Enhance Tree UI can be opened using ' Ctrl + A ' or by pressing the 'Skill Enhance' button in the Character Info Window. (2) Skill Enhance Tree Points 1. Once the 4th Class Upgrade is completed, each level up grants one point.
  13. 4th Class Upgrade Quest [Quest Background] [4th Class Upgrade Background] MU heroes who inherited the will of the priest of Light, Devin, have successfully defended Crywolf from Balgas and have been reborn as heroes with the sacred god Lugard's blessing. However, their strength was not enough to defeat the new monsters and restore order in MU. The priest, Devin, felt the need to unite the blessed heroes as one so he sought the strength and the ability from... one of the 12 priests of Light and Lugard's guardian knight, 'Sent', and asked her to test the ability of Mu's her
  14. ELF CLASS IMPROVEMENT– ASSIST ITEM QUIVER 1. NEW ITEM - QUIVER - Assist Weapon Item will be added for Elf. The weapon assists DMG of Bow/Crossbow items. 1) NEW ITEM - QUIVER Quiver (Normal / Excellent) DMG 111 ~ 137 Attack Speed 50 Required Strength 62 Required Agility
  16. DARKANGEL WEAPON ITEM UPDATE 1. DARKANGEL WEAPON ITEM 1) DARKANGEL WEAPON ITEM CLASS CATEGORIES Darkangel Mastery Weapon Item Classification Name Weapon Classification Skills Dark Knight Darkangel Sword One-handed Sword Cyclone Dark Wizard/Magic Knight Darkangel Staff One-handed staff
  17. 3RD MASTERY - HOLYANGEL ARMOR 1. 3RD MASTERY ITEM BACKGROUND Lorencia Knights using Darkangel items feel that they are powerful, but they learn their bodies and souls are eaten by the power of darkness slowly, as the item contains dark powers. Lorencia Knights went to James, one of the 12 Apostles of Light that created items that contain Ancient Heroes' Souls. They asked him to remove the dark powers from Darkangel items. Days afterwards, James succeeds in making 'Lugard's Barrier Stone of Light' with the blessed power given by him from the God Lugard.
  18. INTRODUCTION 1. NIXIES LAKE 1) DISCOVERY OF THE NEW MAP 'NIXIES LAKE' (1) 'Nixies Lake' used to be the most beautiful lake in the MU Continent, where Spirit Nixie and Nix are guarding (2) Descendants of a great mage were on their journey to find Secromicon's Book of Magic. Once they reached La Cleon, they realized the magic book is in Nixies Lake. They have reached Nixies Lake through a secret path from La Cleon 2. HOW TO PLAY 1) NIXIES LAKE ENTRY (1) There are two ways to enter Nixies Lake. Only 70
  19. FIND BOMBS 1) FIND BOMBS EVENT - This is a mini-game you can play regardless of your hunting. - You can enjoy the event while hunting with MU Helper. - Rewards will be given according to the acquired score. 2) HOW TO PLAY THE EVENT (1) Collect Card Pieces Collect 'Card Piece' item through hunting. You can auto-acquire the Card Piece item by checking the 'Event Item' in MU Helper Settings. You can check the item in the Event Inventory. Once you have collected 24 card
  20. INTRODUCTION 1. A window has been added for you to view character's hunting log. 2. If you hunt with MU Helper, hunting log will be recorded automatically. HUNTING LOG 1. HUNTING LOG DESCRIPTION 1) BASIC SETTINGS (1) Hunting log is only recorded when you hunt through MU Helper (auto). (2) Hunting log is recorded daily, and you can check up to 60 days' record at Hunting Log page. If you have new hunting log recorded while you already have 60 days' record, the oldest hunting log will be deleted. (3) Hunting
  21. INTRODUCTION 1. New normal and rare Pentagrams with new Pentagram Options will be added. 2. Previous Normal, Rare Pentagrams will be improved. 3. pentagram for beginners will be improved. NEW NORMAL, RARE PENTAGRAM 1. ITEM DESCRIPTION 1) Characteristics (1) Basic stats and exchange repetitions for new Pentagrams are the same with the existing normal and rare Pentagrams. (2) For new normal and rare Pentagrams, there will be new Pentagram Options. 2. NORMAL PENTAGRAM (1 TYPE) Image
  22. SOCKET SYSTEM EXPANSION 1) NEW SEED SPHERE ITEM ADDED (EARTH ELEMENT) (1) New Seed Sphere item added (earth element) Earth element Seed Sphere item has been added, with new stat options. You can craft Seed Sphere items with Strength, Agility or Energy stat options. 2) SEED SPHERE ITEM LEVEL EXPANSION (1) Seed Sphere max level expansion Seed Sphere could be crafted up to level 5 before. Now the item can be enhanced up to level 10. You can enhance Seed Sphere items with new combinatio
  23. RAGE FIGHTER / GROW LANCERNEW SOCKET ITEM - New socket items are added for Rage Fighter and Grow Lancer classes. - Bonus Option and Socket Set Option are generated with the same conditions for other socket items. Category 380 Socket Item 400 Socket Item Max Slots Weapons Pantera Claws Devast Claws 3 Equipment Tigris Helmet Crimson Skull Helmet 3 Tigris Armor Crimson S
  24. - Rank up Combination System has been changed to be simpler, and rank up rate is now 100%. RANK UP COMBINATION SYSTEM 1) Rank up Combination Material and Success Rate - If you combine two 1Rank 7Level Errtels, you will get one 2Rank 0Level Errtel with 100% success rate. - If you combine two 2Rank 7Level Errtels, you will get one 3Rank 0Level Errtel with 100% success rate. A. Rank up Combine Material Errtels of same type (Anger/Blessing/Integrity/Divinity/Radiance) and same element(Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Darkness) must be u
  25. New Skills for First Class characters New skills for First Class characters have been added. New skill's scrolls and Orbs can be purchased from Ruud Shop NPC James <New skills added> Class Skill Name Elemental Skills Description Dark Knight Fire Blow Fire A Death Stab skill that does Fire element damage. Damages 3~4 times and has additional effects. Dark Wizard Meteor Strike Earth
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