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  1. Are you ready to play your favorite game of all times on Heroic difficulty - Custom Questing Based Progression - VERY strong mobs, Heroic Difficulty - Boss invasion In Lorencia PVP Ring - Exhange Resets for Coins - Major graphical update on items,sets,maps and overall performance - Custom PVP ranking system, events and rewards - Dynamic Fast exp - True Free to Play - 200 Maximum Ingame Resets - Professional Dev Team - 90% Dmg Reduction in PVP - Long term, we will never open a second server - No items for money, no Webshop, never - Starting panda pet for new Players - Custom Castle Siege Rewards - Custom Rebirth system - Random, diverse, fun spots - Kubera Mines and Scorched maps permanent drop event Feel obligated to party, to do quests, events, pvp and more. No more dead-afk servers Stop falling for quick cash grab servers, play our true long term endgame experience Your beloved game now being fun and honest again. Let's spend years on this adventure Can you handle MU on Heroic Difficulty? Launching this May 11 - Heroicmu.net Get your free panda pet just for being one of the first players to join!
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