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  1. News & Updates Improved Host AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8 Core Box 8 ram 50 SSD 2) Re-balanced all Tier 2 Sets [Damage Fixed] 3) Change Password function added. 4) Nyx Shield Added Coming Soon: New formidable bosses with new prizes to farm for x4 times a day! more details soon in the next post! Take A Pick at our fun PvP balanced system :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0SlYiiXysk Best Regards, KillersMU Staff Team. www.killersmu.com
  2. News and Updates♣ We've updated the game with new Season 4 sets and weapons(As mentioned before). -Uber Maahes and Sekhmet Set(Ancient+F.O) added. -Uber Mace of King (Ancient+F.O) added. -Uber Mace of the Emperor Added. -Uber Black Lion Sword -Spellbinder Shield -Crimson Glory Shield -Salamander Shield -Frost Barier -Guardian Shield -Cross Shield -We have fixed all the ancient sets that were missing. -We have changed the website and it has a webshop to buy the items and market where you can sell your things. Best Regards, KillersMU Staff Team. www.killersmu.com
  3. Welcome To The World of Killers Mu! A 100% Free-To-Play Season 3 Episode 1 Old-School and Long-Term Private Server. (Supportive donates are always welcome) Every Char starts with A Semi Full Option Freebie Set [LV. 380 Sets] Including wings, and accessories. Server Name: Killers MU Website:www.KillersMu.Com Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/483076239463291 Discord Server: https://discord.com/invite/APRNKRJcsR Registration:www.KillersMu.com/Registration Download: www.KillersMu.com/Downloads Data Center Location: Romania Server Location:Canada Server Time Zone: GMT Time Experience
  4. Welcome to the world of KillersMU (Server Location: Canda) A 100% FreeToPlay Season 3 Episode 1 Old-School LONG TERM Server. What's great about it is 100% FreeToPlay! (You could ofc donate as well as support). Every char starts with a semi F.O FREEBIE Set and Weapon + Wings and Accessories] Reset System with great rewards [60 RR = 1 GR = 5K Credits for webshop] Balanced PVP System 100% [BK Combo only] Online Time Trade! [Credits for webshop] Customized Webshop including Season 4 Sets & Weapons & Shields! (Hathor,Hades,Brave,Amun,Virtus] Server Market System on website t
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