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  1. Wind-Mu S16 Ep.3 PREMIUM (28-FEB-2021) Join Us NOW and Use the VOTE REWARD SISTEM & ACCOUNT ACTIVITIES REWARD to EARN FREE CREDIT UNTIL GRAND OPENING.Wind-Mu - COMMUNITY LINKS Website: http://wind-mu.comCommunity Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/4xG3TSnXmfABOUT SERVER 1. Dedicate Server:- 2 Gb's Network Connection- 64 Gb Ramm- 1 Tb SSD m22. Season 16 Episode 3 I.G.C.N Premium Files ---------------Events / Special---------------- Max Level : 1300- Exp : Level 1-800 50x / 801-1300 25x- Reset System: No- Grand Reset System: Available at level 1200 and it gives W-Coin equivalent with (100 euro) and 500 extra points.- Off-Leveling : Yes- Castle Siege Owners Architect System : Yes- Cash shop : Available and doesn't have over-powered items- Web Shop : Unavailable- Boss Rewards : W-Coin , Items- Events : All available- Vote Reward : Yes- Daily Activities EVENT : Yes- Lottery : Yes- Exchange online H : Yes- VIP Status : Yes- Wheel of Fortune : Yes- Promo codes : Yes- Referral System : Yes- Achievements System: Yes. (You have to complete some task's and you will be rewarded with GP-WC and many more prizesEvery month we will add a new Achievement Quest on the WEBSITE which will gove u free W-Coin or Goblin Points if you succeed !!!!---------------Basic Info---------------- Characters: Yes , all caracters can be created at Level 1- Off-Trade/Personal store : On ( W-Coin & JEWELS)- Personal Store Coin Type : Zen = W-Coin- Auto Party System : Yes- Party Bonus : Yes- Skill : Only Basic skills in shop- Expanded Inventory : Yes- Change Character Name : Yes- Guild Vault : Yes- Multi Warehouse Count : 5- Shadow-Phantom Buff Max Level : 350---------------Guild---------------- Guild Create Level : 400- Max Guild Member : 25- Min. Guild Member for Alliance : 25- Alliance Max Guilds : 3---------------Jewels---------------- Mysterious Stone Rate: = 50 Doesn't Matter if have Luck or not- Jewel of Life Rate : 50% with no luck- Jewel of Soul Rate : 65% with no luck- Dark Jewels/Special Jewels Rate: 100%WHY TO CHOOSE US ? -Responsible administration. Your opinion is important to us ! -Premium IGCN server files. Enjoy the best possible quality ! -Pretty unique configured server. You will not get bored here ! -Monthly, weekly events. Get rewards from TOP Voter, BC, DS, CC or Castle Siege !- Protected against break-ins, DDOS and cheats! High stability Anti-Hack ! -Everything is done by us. Each part of the game is professionally configured !
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