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Found 2 results

  1. The Rune Wizard (Rune Mage) is a half-elf who was born between the noble arkacrats of arka and the elves of the wolf's altar. The Rune Wizard Borns in Noria to get revenge. Information about the Rune Wizard 1) Birth of the Rune Wizard The Rune Wizard will start at Noria when it connects for the first time. You can raise the level by hunting monsters, doing tutorials and guided quests. 2) Evolution Rune Mage Evolution First name Default status Rune Wizard / Rune Mage
  2. Mu Online official Korea server have presented new season 14 preview! Game will be updated with new character NR.9 to mu online season 14! It will be released on November 2018, so prepare private servers with latest version at start of year 2019! 1. Class: Rune Wizard 2. Class: Rune Spell Master 3. Grand Rune Master Its a new female character and is equipped with staff and shield, looks similar to grow lancer! Uses weapon: MACE Uses stats: Energy As official website says character is half elf and uses energy as main stat build! Is this new healer class c
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