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Found 1 result

  1. Jewel of Excellent Mu Online You can buy on cash shop Jewel Of Excellent (press X in-game), it is custom jewel that makes items full options, but not all items and different options on different items! Regular items (Simple S1-S6 sets) Gives 6 excellent Options! Lucky items: Adds options, but are not visible in-game (WZ has made limits how many options are displayed ingame) You can see options on website rankings, or in C window. Wings 1-3 LVL wings add all possible wing options! Does not works on wings LVL4 (gives no option, they have custom options) Season 12- Season 14 new items: Blood angel, Dark Angel, Awakening items, Blue Aye adds 3 random options! Can not be used on accessory items like Rings, Pendants! Can not be added on Socket items. This info is displayed on cash shop before you buy JOE! No refund are available if you used it on item where it does not work!
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