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Blood Angel Conversion Mark- Ancient Hero Soul

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Creation of Unsealed Items and Ancient Hero Soul


  • Ancient Hero's Soul - Blood Angel Conversion Mark
    Combination Materials for Unsealing Mastery Blood-angel Set
    • ▶ Ancient hero's soul is a key combination material for unsealing the sealed mastery set purchased from 'priest James.'
    • ▶ In order to create the ancient hero's soul, you need the set item containing MU continent's soul as a combination material for the general combination by NPC chaos goblin.

To Create Blood Angel Conversion Mark- Ancient Hero Soul can be used only these ancients: Vicious, Hion, Aegis, Anubis, Gaion, Muren, Broy, Agnes, Semeden, Crono, Vega, Chamer, Akhir, Carthy, Camill, and Inas.

Success rate on muonline private servers are 100%

Item must be +11+16 option

Ancient hero soul can not be created from other ancient items!

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