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At forth wing (4th class wings) creation is needed 8 peaces of ingredients :

Garuda's Feather
Garuda's Flame
50 Golden Crests or Golden Sentence

Higher Magic Stone
Jewel of Chaos Bundle (30)
Bundle of Jewel of Soul (30)
Bundle of Jewel of Bless (30)
Bundle of Jewel of Creation (30)

Golden sentence drops in mu online private servers from maps Deep Dungeon and Swamp of darkness

Deep Dungeon 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 from monsters

  • Deep Dungeon Skeleton Warrior
  • Deep Dungeon Chief Skeleton Archer
  • Deep Dungeon Chief Skeleton
  • Deep Dungeon Larva
  • Deep Dungeon Cyclops
  • Deep Dungeon Ghost
  • Deep Dungeon Hellhound
  • Deep Dungeon Hell Spider
  • Deep Dungeon Thunder Lich
  • Deep Dungeon Poison Bull Fighter
  • Deep Dungeon Dark Knight
  • Deep Dungeon Gorgon

Swamp  Of  Darkness map

  • Swamp Ent
  • Wooden Beast
  • Swamp Wizard
  • Mutantile
  • Swamp Monster
  • Swamp Summoned Beast
  • Water Monster
  • God of Darkness



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