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Hello EXTAZY-MU Online players, new 9999x max rate
Join and enjoy max rate with full working Season6 Episode3 server!


Version: Full Season 6 Episode 3
Experience: 9999x regular / 5000x master
Maximum Level: 400 regular / 400 master
Spots: In all maps
Mu Helper: Use from level 80
Guilds: minimum level create is 150
X Shop - OFF
Resets: 400 lvl,No stats clear
Max reset: 200
Max Grand reset: No limit
Grand Resets: from 200 resets,stats clear get 10k points, reward 1500 Coins
Total stats: 65535(Recommended 65535)

» Add points: /addstr,/addagi,/addvit,/addene,/addcmd
» Clear Pk: /pkclear
» Guild war declare: /war
» Reset from server: /reset

» Bless Bug: ON
» Potion Bug: ON
» Monster HP: 100%
» Required level for class: MG 1 lvl, DL 1 lvl, RF 1 lvl
» Fully Working Rage Fighter: ON
» Auto Reconnect System: ON
» Gens System: ON
» Master Skill Tree: ON
» Bonus Event: ON(Bonus EXP 2 times per day)
» Cash Shop 'X': ON
» Extra EXP: ON
» And More

» Reset Stats: ON
» Reset Master Skill Tree: ON
» Exchange Online Hours To Coins: ON
» Exchange Coins To Gold Coins: ON
» Clear Inventory: ON
» Vote Reward System: ON (vote every 12h and collect FREE Coins)
» Market System: ON
» Webshop System: ON
----->Item level +15 in Webshop: ON
----->380 lvl items in Webshop: ON
----->Socket items in Webshop: ON
----->3rd lvl wings in Webshop: ON

are you a newbie?PM me for Freebies and Assistances 1f642.png?_nc_eui2=AeFkBB4VZr0xCUvVczjC-:)


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