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Game Version: Season 4 - Custom
Normal Experience Rate: x5000
Master experience rating: x10
Drop rate: 50%
Maximum Normal Level: 400
Maximum master level: 400
Maximum Reset: 2100
Stats per level: 5/7
Stats for Reset: See Table
Stat stat limit per characterization: 32000
Guild Creation Level: 350
Maximum number of games in a guild: 20
Maximum Guild Alliance Number: 3
Level to activate MU Helper: 1
Available classes: All from level 1

[Features and other]
New cards
New sets of weapons shields before the 14th season
New Wings 2.5 - 4 levels
New craft for creating things
All Ancient sets of 5 parts Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots
New bosses
New Jewel of Upgrade Stone
Non PvP 5 cards to 250 resets.
Auto reset with a limit of 100 resets per day.
Game quest system 200 tasks
Display spots on Minimap + hide spots
Rank rank
Support Ancient + PvP + Harmony + Excellent options
Socket stuff up to 5 options + PvP + Excellent
Support for pvp options on all things
AFK system, offline offline
All valuable game currency is available through W Coin.
VIP System
Maximum 5 accounts from one IP / HWID
New pets
Bonus items at the start of the game
Combo for all classes
Unique Jewel Bank (J) Keyboard Button
In-game rating (F8) keyboard button
Guest access for account security
Advanced Player Characteristics Status
Max Excellent options 3 pcs.
X-Shop Store
Limited donation

Blood Castle
Chaos Castle
Devil Square
Castle Deep
Castle Siege
Skeleton King Invasion
Red Dragon Invasion
Golden Dragon Invasion
White Wizard Invasion
Santa Village Invasion
Summon Invasion
Ice Queen Invasion
Gorgon Invasion
Hydra Invasion
Balrog Invasion
Zaikan Invasion
Death Beam Knight Invasion
Hell Maine Invasion
Phoenix of Darkness Invasion
Dark Elf Invasion
Raklion Boss
Medusa Boss
Kundun Boss
Item drop
King of Mu
Nix Boss


[Screen shots]


Creating New Things For Zen


Auto reset
for vip


Web - Игровой сервер - MU Online Season 4
Forum - Форум игры MU Online (Game Server XZONE)
Guides - FAQ игры - Форум игры MU Online (Game Server XZONE)


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A new VIP status has been added to the game, which can be bought for W Coin.
You can buy a VIP through the Menu panel in the game.

Boost Exp, Drop, Drop Zen
Hide information about the character on the site
Auto reset without teleporting to the city

Dear players! New wings of 5.6.7 levels were added to the games.
These wings can be created with a Jewel of Upgrade stone.

A new Survivor event was added to the game where only the strongest can win.

Passage to the Arena: Warp Menu (hot key 'M') at the very bottom.
The schedule can be viewed in the event menu in the game.
To start a battle, a minimum of 2 players is required.
Each character has a limit of 20 deaths. After this number, the player is eliminated.
Reward: 1st place 30 W Coin, 2nd place 20 W Coin, 3rd place 10 W Coin


A new Kubera Mine map has been added to the game.
On this map, there is a plus during the event item drop from the monsters W Coin coins fall.
W Coin Red (1 wc), W Coin Blue (2 wc), W Coin Gold (3 wc) these coins cannot be transferred.

Dear players! A new Kalt Stone has been added to the game.
Collecting 5 pieces of Kalt Stone you will receive Jewel of Upgrade.
Kalt Stone drops at Blood Castle events, Devil Square drop of stone fall 15%.

Dear players! Three new pets have been added to the game.
Recipe for creating: any new second-level pet, 100kk Zen, 50% success.
Options can be viewed on the forum in the FAQ section of the game - New Pets

Dear players!
The original effects of Blessed weapons were added to the game.

"Go back to the game through the launcher to update the game client"


Dear players! New Frost weapons and Double Goer Event were added to the game.
Parts of Sign of Dimensions for access to the event fall from monsters. Event NPC is located in Elbeland. For passing the event, Double Goer give new parts for mixes.
Mix recipe: item excellent +11 +16 add (3x Bundle Jewel of Bless, 3x Bundle Jewel of Soul, 1x Jewel of Chaos, 1x Jewel of Creation) + 100kk zen + part of the mix = 100% success. All created items are automatically created for your character class. Do not try to cook the helm for mg lose zen!

"Go back to the game through the launcher to update the game client"

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