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[HOT] LOW x50 Server Opening TODAY !

CHANGELOG 03.04.2021
Happy Easter Holidays !
[+] Added New Mini Bosses (more info: HERE)
[+] Increased Sapphire Ring drop by +10% in IT Event
[+] Increased BK Combo damage by +10%
[+] Increased SUM PvP damage by +20% (due to low ATS)
[+] Updated info at our Game Guides: HELP.ELITEMU.NET

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CHANGELOG 14.04.2021
[+] Fixed Chaos Card drop rate in (DS) Devil Square
[+] Added New Feature Transfer Coins
[+] Changed strength for Kalima map monsters
[+] Changed few (DS) Devil Square,Loren Deep monsters
[+] Changed LOW x50 GR Reward from 200 to 300 GC
[+] Changed Webshop items maximum sets up to BOK+3
[+] Changed Weapon drop from BOK+3, BOK+4, BOK+5
[+] Updated GameGuard features

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CHANGELOG 16.04.2021
[+] LOW x50 Added 2x Item Requirement for Grand Reset
[+] Fixed Item image, description info in Market
[+] Removed unnecessary NPCs in game
[+] Changed Zen drop by by -10 to -20% (top maps only)
[+] Changed Vulcanus drop +20% more Zen than any other top maps
[+] Updated our website features and security
[+] Updated info in Game Guides: HELP.ELITEMU.NET

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