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EuroMU | Exp: x1000 | Drop: 20% | OPEN TODAY !!! JOIN NOW

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Game Information


• Opening 22/11/2019
• Website: https://www.euromu.net
• Version Season 6 Episode 3
• Experience 1000x
• Item Drop 20% Low Rate
• Master Experience 5x (From Reset 20)
• Type of server Medium Hard
• Reset Level 400 ( Usuarios VIP at 395)
• Max Master Level 400
• /attack & /offattack Activos / On
• Characters All level 1
• Tipo de Reset Delete Stats +300 points per Reset.
• Events All Working
• Mission System +150 Quests
• Elf Soldier Level 160 (1 RR MAX)
• Bonus Party ON
• Chaos Machine Rates +10 a +15 (70%)(65%)(60%)(55%)(50%)(40%)
• Wings Creacion Rates Lvl 1 (80%) | Lvl 2 (60%) | Lvl 3 (50%)
• Spots 5 / 6 Mobs
• Items No custom ( Original Items )



/readd (Re add your Stats you need 20 Coins for this command)
/pkclear (Quit status PK)
/s (Add points to Strengh)
/a (Add points to agility)
/v (Add points to vitality)
/e (Add points to Energy)
/c (Add points to command, only in DarkLords)
/go+evento => example /godrop (takes you to the drop event); /gotvt (takes you to the npc to enter the TvT event); /goblood (takes you to the archangel to enter the blood)
/marry to <Player> (Marrying another player will allow you to use the track and trace; requires 20 Coins)
/trackmarry (It takes you to the place where your partner is)
/tracemarry (Bring your partner to your position)
/re auto (Auto party)
/re off (reject all requests)
/re on (activate requests)
/remaster (redistribute master points, cost 100 Coins)
/changename (Change name, cost 100 Coins)(Only VIP Golden)
/classe (Change class, cost 300 Coins)(Only VIP Golden)



www.euromu.net the server you were waiting for

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