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[Class] Rage Fighter

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Forgottem empire “Kalutan”. The Rage Fighter is a remnant and descendant of Kalutal roayal knight. They are specialized for charge attack based on their physical advantage and use special buffs learned from Kalutan royal knight.


Points Per Level Starting Strength Starting Agility Starting Vitality Starting Energy Life / HP
7 32 27 25 20 100
Mana AG SD Life Per Level Mana Per Level SD Per Level
40 37 125 1 1  
Assortment Feature
Solo Playing If level-up points are mainly distributed to Strength, fast hunting will be possible by giving high damage to monsters.
If level-up points are mainly distributed to Energy, the efficiency of hunting can be enhanced by hunting many monsters.
Party playing By distributing level-up points to Energy, defense rate can be enhanced and stable party play will be possible with the buff of strength enhancement.
PVP By distributing level-up points to Energy, holy animal attack will be strengthened and offence rate can be enhanced
Event Map Buff skills and attack skill can be mixed for a prompt procedure.
Castel Siege By giving beneficial buffs to allies, advantages to win the Castle siege van be taken.

Rage Fighter Specialized Skills

  • img_ragefighter_skills_clingBlow.jpg

    Cling Blow : Weapon skill Deliver shower of blow on enemies.
    Give enemies fear so that the abilities of enemies will decrease

  • img_ragefighter_skills_beastUpper.jpg

    Beast Upper : Weapon skill Deliver a heavy blow Make enemies staggered.

  • img_ragefighter_skills_chainDrive.jpg

    Chain Drive : Combo &Extensive Skill After a flying kick, delivers a blow By hitting fast, makes enemies slow

  • img_ragefighter_skills_darkSide.jpg

    Dark Side : Combo & Extensive Skill Attack fast surrounding enemies Enemies in a certain range can be affected

  • img_ragefighter_skills_dragonLore.jpg

    Dragon Lore : Combo & Extensive Skill The power of Holy animal “Dragon” can be brought and give high damage to enemies in a certain range

  • img_ragefighter_skills_dragonSlasher.jpg

    Dragon Slasher : PVP skill Delivers a heavy flying kick
    Attack the weak point of enemies so damage to shield and HP of enemies.

  • img_ragefighter_skills_ignoranceOfDefens

    Ignorance of defense of enemies : Buff skill This buff can ignore defense of enemies.
    This buff can be applied for only the buff user
    The more Energy one has the more durable this buff is

  • img_ragefighter_skills_increaseOfStrengt

    Increase of Strength : Buff skill This buff can increase strength of allies
    The more Energy points one has the more durable this buff is

  • img_ragefighter_skills_increaseOfDefense

    Increase of Defense rate : Buff skill This buff can increase defense rate of allies
    The more Energy one has the more durable and effective this buff is

Rage Fighter skills

Assortment Skill Level Damage Mana AG Element
Weapon Skill img_ragefighter_skills_weapon_fallingSla Falling Slash 0 0 9 0  
img_ragefighter_skills_weapon_dragonLore Dragon Lore 0 0 9 0  
img_ragefighter_skills_weapon_uppercut.j Uppercut 0 0 9 0  
img_ragefighter_skills_weapon_lunge.jpg Lunge 0 0 9 0  
img_ragefighter_skills_weapon_slash.jpg Slash 0 0 10 0  
img_ragefighter_skills_weapon_clingBlow. Cling Blow 0 0 9 0 Earth
img_ragefighter_skills_weapon_beastUpper Beast Upper 0 0 9 0 Fire
Combo &
Extensive Skill
img_ragefighter_skills_comboExtensive_ch Chain Drive 150 0 15 20 Ice
img_ragefighter_skills_comboExtensive_da Dark Side 200 0 70 0 Wind
img_ragefighter_skills_comboExtensive_dr Dragon Lore 150 0 50 30 Earth
PVP Skill img_ragefighter_skills_pvp_dragonSlasher Dragon Slasher 200 0 100 100 Wind
Buff Skill img_ragefighter_skills_buff_increaseOfDe Increase of defense 150 0 50 10  
img_ragefighter_skills_buff_increaseOfSt Increase of Strength 70 0 50 10  
img_ragefighter_skills_buff_increaseOfDe Increase of Defense rate 0 0 50 10  
Castel Siege img_ragefighter_skills_castelSiege_charg Charge 0 90 20 15  
img_ragefighter_skills_castelSiege_sturn Sturn Cancle 0 0 25 30  
img_ragefighter_skills_castelSiege_swarl Swarl Mana 0 0 35 30  
img_ragefighter_skills_castelSiege_trans Transparency Cancle 0 0 40 30  
img_ragefighter_skills_castelSiege_sturn Sturn 0 0 70 50  
img_ragefighter_skills_castelSiege_trans Transparency 0 0 80 60  

If Rage Fighter use skills while wearing Wing items, his HP decreases

Skill Decrease Rate Hit Count Total Damage Decrease
Cling Blow 2 4 8
Beast Upper 2 4 8
Chain Drive 4 8 32
Dark Side 4 2 X Number of monsters 8 X Number of monsters
Dragon Lore 2 4 X Number of monsters 8 X Number of monsters
Dragon Slasher 100 1 100
Increase of defense      
Increase of Strength      
Increase of Defense rate      
Charge 4 1 4
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