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Moss merchant Gambler

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Who is NPC Moss the Gambler?

Moss is a mysterious merchant who gives out items randomly.With a small percentage of chances he will give you a rare item that never existed in the Continent of MU.

What is the story behind?

NPC Moss the Gambler has arrived in the Continent of MU after travelling to faraway lands. 
Exotic items that he has collected throughout his voyage have become the center of attention among Mutizens. Never existed before, these items seem very powerful just by a glance. 
Other merchants do not welcome Moss as his way of selling items, which is more like a gamble, do not respect the existing business manners.

Rare Item Description

Location: Elveland(22,225) 
Store Items: Moss the Gamblers items can be sorted into 5 different categories as follows. 
Every purchase an items type (Normal/Excellent/Rare), skill, luck and option will be given randomly. 
A rare item will have 2-3 excellent options and when it’s made an official announcement and fireworks will appear in the screen. img_mossthegambler_1.jpg

NPC Moss the Gambler Details

Excellent Brova
img_mossthegambler_2.jpg Item Category Sword / Mace / Spear
Descriotion Blade Knight / Magic Gladiator Two-Handed
Strength 804
Agi 149
Min. Attack 227
Max. Attack 263
Attack Speed 40
Skill Cyclone Hit
Excellent Striker Scepter
img_mossthegambler_3.jpg Item Category Staff
Descriotion Dark Loard Pet Attack Power +43% One-Handed
Strength 468
Agi 123
Min. Attack 136
Max. Attack 148
Attack Speed 40
Skill Force Wave
Excellent Aileen Bow
img_mossthegambler_4.jpg Item Category Bow / Crossbow
Descriotion Muse Elf Two-Handed
Strength 272
Agi 1186
Min. Attack 203
Max. Attack 227
Attack Speed 45
Skill Multi Arrows
Excellent Chromatic Staff
img_mossthegambler_5.jpg Item Category Stick
Descriotion Soul Master / Magic Gladiator Masic Power +75 
Strength 281
Agi 82
Min. Attack 69
Max. Attack 71
Attack Speed 30
Excellent Raven Stick
img_mossthegambler_6.jpg Item Category Scepter
Descriotion Bloody Summoner Magic Power +78 
Strength 278
Agi 92
Min. Attack 86
Max. Attack 94
Attack Speed 30
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