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About the server:

Version of game: Mu Online Season 6 Ep 3 Part 15
Experience: x9999
Master Experience: x9999
Item Drop: 100%
Max Level: 400
Max Master Level: 400
Max Reset: 100
Max MReset: NO LIMIT
Max Stats: 65000
Level for creating a Guild: 300
The maximum number of games in the guild: 20
Maximum number of guild alliance: 3
The level to activate MU Helper: 1
Max 3 accounts per IP

Launch date: 14.08.2020
00:00 UTC+7 (Vietnam)
12:00 UTC-5 (Peru)
14:00 UTC-3 (Argentina, Brazil)
18:00 UTC+1 (Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Hungary)
19:00 UTC+2 (Ukraine, Latvia, Romania)
20:00 UTC+3 (Russia, Turkey)

Game features:

New maps up to season 15.
New sets of items up to season 15.
New Wings 2.5 - 3.5 - 4 - 5 level.
New crafts to create - new stones, Blessed weapons, item, wings.
New Ancient sets all 5-part sets Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots.
New Socket sets of weapon shields.
New Munn system.
New costume jewelry season 8.
New shields for season 15.
New bosses, events-Demons, Eggs, Lord Silvester, Core Magriffy, Ferea Crystal Orb, Crystal Stone, God of Water.
New game panel with sections-Event Time, Ranking, Command, Jewel Bank.
New effects of new things, weapons, wings, bosses.
Support click the right mouse button to move items.
Five additional chests.
Combos for all classes.
Displaying spots on Minimap.
Support for Ancient + PvP + Harmony + Excellent options.
Socket: up to 5 options + PvP + Excellent + Ancient.
Support for pvp options on all things.
Off Pvp command /offpvp - Command only works on maps Lost Tower, Tarkan, Icarus, Kalima 1-6, Karutan 1-2, Debenter, Alkmaar, Ubaid.
OffExp-AFK system, pumping offline.
Game quest system 200 tasks.
VIP system with increased expi drop and cooking items.
The chest of the Guild.
Hours in the game
HP Bar displays the life of monsters, characters
All valuable game currency is available in the game W Coin (without Donat)
Cash Shop (store with buffs)
Siege of the castle every three days

Features of the website:

Web market.
Web shop that returns products back to wcoin.
Voting system.
Adding PvP options to things.
Adding Harmony options to things.
Adding Socket options to things.
Change class options to things.


Blood Castle
Chaos Castle
Devil Square
Illusion Temple
Castle Deep
Castle Siege
Event Drop
Happy Hour
Skeleton King invasion
Invasion of Red Dragon
Invasion of Golden Dragon
Invasion of White Wizard
Invasion of Kundun
Invasion of Erohim
Santa Village Invasion
Invasion of Medusa
Invasion of invoking Demons
Invasion of eggs Event
Lord Silvester
Core Magriffy
Ferea Crystal Orb
Crystal Stone
God of Water
Arca War - NPC (Sir Lesnar)
The Acheron Guardian


Web: http://max-muonline.su/
Community: http://forum.max-muonline.su/
For more information, see the section about the server

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Dear players. The server will restart on September 11. Some changes were made to the game.
1) For the Grand reset the character will receive 30,000 points
2) With VIP status, all Chaos machine recipes have a 100%
3) A section for purchasing VIP status with Wcoins was added to the game panel
4) All new bosses (Kundun,Medusa,Selupan) will appear every 5 hours
5) Reward for killing monsters

Boss Balgass (Crywolf): 300 WCoins
Boss Elf (Crywolf): 100 WCoins
Boss Nightmare (Kanturu): 50 WCoins
Boss Selupan (Raklion): 10 WCoins
Boss Skeleton King: 1 WCoins
Boss Red Dragon: 1 WCoins
Boss Golden Dragon All: 1 WCoins
Boss White Wizard: 1 WCoins
Boos Santa Village All: 1 WCoins
Boss Eggs All: 1 WCoins
Boss Demons Selupan: 10 WCoins
Boss Kundun (Kalima 7): 5 WCoins
Boss Erohim (Land of Trials): 5 WCoins
Boss Medusa (Spawn of Clamness): 5 WCoins
Boss Silvester (Uruk Mountain): 5 WCoins
Boss Magriffy Core (Nars): 5 WCoins
Boss Lord of Ferea (Ferea): 10 WCoins
Boss Nix (Nixie Lake): 10 WCoins
Boss God of Darkness (Swamp of Darkness): 10 WCoins

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