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Combo skills guide for all mu online charcter classes

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Combo skill is available for all classes, not only Dark Knight. To do combo player must use skills in right order, the correct order is: First skill and after any other from next skill list. Combo will be activated after 3 skills sequence, and after last third skill usage.

Dark Wizard, Soul Master, Grand Master, Soul Wizard combo

  1. First Skill: Energy Ball
  2. Next skill: Aqua beam, Inferno

Dark Knight, Blade Knight, Blade Master, Dragon Knight combo

  1. First skill: Falling, Lunge, Uppercut, Cyclone, Slash
  2. Next skill: Twisting Slash, Rage-full Blow, Death Stab


Fairy Elf, Muse Elf, High Elf, Noble Elf combo

  1. First skill: Triple Shoot
  2. Next skill: Penetration, Multi-Shot

Magic Gladiator, Duel Master, Magic Knight combo

  1. First skill: Fire Slash
  2. Next skill: Power Slash, Gigantic Storm

Dark Lord, Lore Emperor, Empire Lord combo

  1. First skill: Fire burst
  2. Next skill: Fire Scream, Chaotic Disaster

Summoner, Bloody Summoner, Dimension Master, Dimension Summoner combo

  1. First skill: Drain life
  2. Next skill: Chain lightning, Lightning shock

Rage Fighter, Fist master, Fist Blazer combo

  1. First skill: Killing Blow
  2. Next skill: Chain Drive, Dark Side

Grow Lancer, Mirage Lancer, Shining Lancer combo

  1. First skill: Lunge
  2. Next skill: Magic Pin, Spin Step

Rune Wizard, Rune Spell Master, Grand Rune Master, Majestic Rune Wizard combo

  1. First skill: Magic Arrow
  2. Next skill: Plasma ball, Lightning Storm

Slayer, Royal Slayer, Master Slayer, Slaughterer combo

  1. First skill: Pierce Attack
  2. Next skill: Bat Flock, Twisting Slash


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