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[Season14p2] Abyss of atlans

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Atlans (Abyss of Atlans)

Season 14 Part 2 brings new map: Atlans (Abyss of Atlans) This map has same skins as regular Atlans maps, as well as the same monster skins, but defense, damage, drop is new! Abyss of Atlans is available from 1000 Level!

  According to Atlans' ancient records, it was created to seal the 'Hydra' at the time of Kundun's invasion.

  It was revealed that the space of' Abyss' exists.



Abyssal area consisting of three floors

Atlans (Abyss) is divided into 1/2/3 levels

  • Abyss of Atlans 1
  • Abyss of Atlans 2
  • Abyss of Atlans 3

The monsters that appear on each floor and the difficulty level are different, some monsters have range attack skills.

All monsters in Atlans (Abyss) have excellent damage rate resistance and critical rate resistance.

All monsters in Atlans (Abyss) have a 4th tree debuff probability resistance value.



How to enter Atlans (Abyss of Atlans)

  • You can enter by clicking the Atlans (Abyss of Atlans) 1/2/3 shown in the move command window (shortcut M).
  • You can enter level 1,000 or higher on the 1st floor, level 1,020 on the 2nd floor, or level 1,030 or higher on the 3rd floor
  • 50,000 Zen is consumed when moving.


 Abyss of Atlans item drop

  • Excellent Blue Eye Armor
  • When you defeat the monster of Atlans (Abyss), Excellent Blue Eye Armor will be dropped.




Abyss of Atlans Monsters


1) Bahamut of the Abyss

Bahamut of Abyss.png


Bahamut of the Abyss



With a melee attack of bite and tail strike, with a certain probability 

It is a monster with a wide area attack.

It lives on the 1/2/3 floor of Abyss of Atlans


 2) Vepar of the Abyss

Bepar of the Abyss.png


Vepar of the Abyss



It is a property monster that attacks from a distance.

It lives  only in the first floor  area of  Abyss of Atlans


 3) Abyssal Silver Valkyrie

Abyssal Silver Valkyrie.png


Abyssal Silver Valkyrie



A monster that attacks from a distance with a crossbow.

It lives  only in the 2nd floor  area of Abyss of Atlans


 4) Lizard King of the Abyss

Lizard King of the Abyss.png


Lizard King of the Abyss



It is a property monster that attacks from a distance.

It lives  only in the 3rd floor  area of Abyss of Atlans

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