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Scorched Canyon - Scorched Canyon

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Scorched Canyon map with Elite Zones



 1) Hunter setting
  (1) The Scorched Gorge can be moved through the command window and the portal north of the Tarkan Safe Zone.
  (2) Scotch Canyon request window: Zen: 50,000
  (3) Scorched Canyon Entry Level: Level 1050
  (4) Scorched Canyon Penalty Release Level: Level 1070 (Hunting of characters above 1070 is recommended.)
  (5) When a character dies or reconnects, they move to the Scorched Canyon Safety Zone.
 2) Main drop items
  (1) When you kill a Scorched Gorge monster, a new armor silver heart is dropped. 
B. Scorched Canyon Monster 
Scorched Warrior
b.png level 470
property Fire, water, land, wind, darkness
Characteristic It is
short-range monster that strikes a huge sword with a huge body  .
Scorched Wizard
c.png level 470
property Fire, water, land, wind, darkness
long range monster that wields a wand and performs a wide-range magic attack .
Scorched Assassin
d.png level 480
property Fire, water, land, wind, darkness
short-range monster that uses a sharp claw to attack powerfully .

Scorched Canyon Elite Zone

1) Elite Zone At the entrance to the hunting ground, the “Elite Zone Flag” symbolizes the Elite Zone.

2) In the Scorched Gorge Elite Zone (Elite) Scorched Warrior / (Elite) Scorched Assassin /

    (Elite) Scorched wizard monsters appear

3) Elite monsters have 'Elite Debuff Options' and 'Elite Skills'.

    If you take damage, there is a 100% chance that 'elite debuff' is applied and you are damaged.

4) Next higher level map after scorched canyon is Crimson icarus



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