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Mu Defeat | Hard Server | 10x | 25% | max 20 rr | Full customized s6

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MUDefeat - Server Information
Experience : X10
Drop Rate : 25%
Reset Level : 400
Max Reset : 20 (45,000 Level up points)
Max Master Level : 400
Excellent Drop Rate : Bosses Only.
site:  https://mudefeat.com/

MUDefeat - Contains:
Fully Set Upgrade into [Level 2]
Fully Weapons Upgrade into [Level 2]
13 Wings tiers with smart evolve system that you can create by self with the Chaos Machine!
All Monsters from MuOrigin2 Into Classic MuOnline.
MUDefeat Contains : 20 Diffierent Bosses.
New Events & Smart PVP System.
10 Tiers of Blood Castle Weapons

MuDefeat - Events

Chaos Castle ON

Blood Castle ON

Devil square ON

Castle Siege ON
Time: Every Monday
GMT - 18:30 (Global Europe)
GMT +1 - 19:30 (Portogal, United Kingdom)
GMT +2 - 20:30 (Spain,France,German)
GMT +3 - 21:30 (Israel, Russia)
GMT +7 - 01:30 (Veitnam)
GMT -3 - 15:30 (Brazil)
GMT -4 - 14:30 (USA)

Upgrade: Blood Castle - Event. ON
Our server contains a fully working Blood Castle that will give you awsome rewards,
you can earn "Archangel Mystery Chest" that will give you award of Random archangel weapon.
or you can get Archangel Evolution Stone
"After a victory full of blood there is only one stone will awaken everything."
With this stone you can Evolve your Archangel Weapons,
To Bring back the Glory into The MU-WORLD!

New Even! BattleRoyale. ON
Like every game that you have been played before , our server also contains BattleRoyale Event.
That is everyone begin with no Items , no skills, and no points.
Everyone gets 5000 Levelup points for the begning so you can use them smart how ever you like .
When the timer will end the counting the Event will be started and Items will be Dropped Automaticly one the Ground!
So, you can pick them for your own and make your self Stronger to Survive!
The last player will stand will be the Winner of this event. #StayAlive.

New Even! Devias Castle War. ON
Hold on your Weapons!
The in MuDefeat guilds is going to challenge each other to see who is the strongest guild that can Take over the castle!
to take over the castle one of your guild member has to sit on the Chair Of The King and type the command: /KingMU!
when one of your guild members will take the control its will be noticed in Global and the guild who take over the castle must of the time will be the winner at the End.
(Full guide will be released soon, trust us this is going to be fun!)

Devil Square
In the Devil Square there is a lot of monster that is respawning very quick this is a perfect way to level up,
the Event has Double Drop so you can get Jewel faster than the normal way.

New Even! Team VS Team. ON
Everyday, at (16:00 GMT)
the server is going to "Select you in teams" 
by joining to this event you will be able to fight with each other,
the Team will have more Kills that the other one in 15 Minutes, will be the Winning Team !
#MakeStrategy , #PlayTogther.
Who will be the winner, the Red Team or the Blue Team?

New Even! [Devias] Battle for Jewels! ON
we have been Created a Big Stadium area for this Event,
In this event a huge count of Jewels will be dropped automaticly.
and the players will be able to pick them and kill each other,
Smart PK System
in our server there is no mercy for Killers so If you got killed by someone and he is "Murder"
when someone will kill him hes Items will be dropped.
which make this event more fun!

New Even! PVP ChampionShip. ON
We are going to find who is the strongest player in our server.
PVP Championship will be Opened every month to select the player has been Defeated Everyone !
The winner will recieve hes a Special Gift from the Server .
More Infromation About MuDefeat
MUDefeat Is Fully Server of MuOnline that contains lot of parts from MUOrigin2,
this server is Fully Free2Play which make it more fun and challenging the players to Create Items by them self.
and Fight to each other, this server is based about "Who is Stronger" and not about Who getting Pressed quicker QWE.
This server has Diffierent Tactic than other server, that has to Limit the players when they playing for 45K Level-up Points which creates Different builds.
Best Example is: You can play Blade Knight in different builds like : BK (Offensive) - DMG , BK (Defensive) - Tank , BK Supportive (Buffer). and more other tactics you would like to play with!
The Server Is Hard Server that is not contains "Full-Options Items" and we are not going to sell Items for money.
all the Items that the server Includes this is Items that Player has been Create by them self! (the server stays alive by selling VIP Benefits & Items ETC)

In our server a killers has to pray for their Items won't get lose when they will die,
cause every time you getting killed when your Killers your Items will be dropped ,
so if you killed other players and you are acting like a bully you have to pay the price if you getting killed 🙂

New Even! Auto Quests
MuDefeat Contains around 300 Quests inside the server , in each map and world wide.

MuDefeat - Contains
MUDefeat contains full MMO-RPG Advantege that will compare this game from 2003 to other MMO-RPG games in 2020.
We have been upgraded our server more than as you think, our server includes a lot parts from MuOrigin2 that we added into the server.
You can update all your sets, all of your items , include weapons into tier 2.
In MuDefeat you can even evolve you wings , you have 13 diffirent tiers of evolution of wings.
and there is a lot parts you can find from MuOrigin2, that is never seen before in MUOnline at all.
Our server is fully supported HD Resolution 1920X1080 , 64 BIT and the game FPS has been Increased .
also the game quality has been improved , all of the monsters has been remaked and we added a lot of new monsters that never seen before!
Thanks to things we worked hard on,You can finally compare the game that you like to other MMO RPG Games!
We are really worked hard on this server for serval months and now MuDefeat IS RELEASED.
MuDefeat Contains around 300 Quests inside the server and its has a lot smart systems that you can find in other games.
(with this completing this quests you will be allowed to recieve items as rewards.) 
In MuDefeat you can play with your friends to Level-Up and Getting Items and you won't feel alone.
the server is about getting Updates to make it Perfect and Better in anytime!
In MuDefeat there is a Balanced PVP system and more alot systems to Compare the PVP into another games.
In MuDefeat you can fight each other and Duel Bet on Items ,
when you will challenge someone for Duel and he will accepted a Trade will be opened between to of you,
and you can place there a Items you would like to fight for them!
There is more a lot New things & New System in our server, but we would like you to find-out them by your self !
We hope to see everyone in our server.
Cya in the BattleField!

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