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Temple of Arnil MAP for Mu Online Season 16
Temple of Arnil.png
Map name How to move the map Entry level

Hunting penalty


Temple of Arnil 1. M Window - You can move
by consuming 50,000 Zen

2. [Walking] You can move through the entrance at the location of
Elbeland (209, 135)
1100 1130
  • Arnil Temple is an attribute hunting ground, and monsters with attributes appear.
  • Monsters have excellent damage probability resistance, critical damage probability resistance, damage absorption,
  • It has a debuff probability resistance value. 
  • There is a safety zone on the map, and when the  connection is terminated and the character dies, it is moved to the safety zone.
  • There is a local movement gate on the map,  and through the gate, you can move between areas.
Area moving gate Coordinate 1 Coordinate 2
gate (123, 13) (124, 190)
Temple of Arnil item drop
Excellent Manticore Armor
Arnil Temple Monster List
Temple Ogre
Temple Ogre.png name  Temple ogre 
level  520
A temple ogre monster that attacks at close range 
Shrine Gramlin
Shrine-gramlin.png name  Temple  gramlin
level  525
This is a
temple Gramlin monster that attacks a long range
(When attacking, absorb 100 mana.)
Shrine Gargoyle
Shrine-Gargoyle.png name  Temple  gargoyle
level  530
A temple gargoyle monster that attacks at close range
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