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Orange damage color indicates a Normal/Regular hit.

The damage depends on the weapons ,sockets, items being used and the character class.



Blue damage color indicates Critical damage hit.

Critical damage can be increased with the use of special sets, weapons, accessories and/or wings with +Luck option. Dark Lords can also increase critical damage with its buffs.



Green damage color indicates Excellent damage hit.

This damage will appear if the character is using at least an item with the option Excellent Damage 10%. These options are available for Excellent and Ancient items. It refers to the damage made by Poison.You can see this when you are poisoned by a character or monster. Excellent damage Rate Option can be found on Weapons , Pendants and Ancient Sets. 10 % means you have 10% chance to cast an excellent damage base on how many Excellent Items you are wearing/ equipped.



Purple damage color indicates Reflect damage hit.

Reflect damage can be created with the use of items with the option "Reflect Damage 5%". When the character is attacked, 5% of the damage will be reflected.



Cyan/Light Blue damage color indicates Ignore damage hit.

This is when you have ignored the SD of an opponent and completely deal 100% damage on your opponents Life. This Damage shows can be attained when we are wearing a Wing that has "Ignore opponent's defensive power by 5%", by Unlocking Bonus Option and by using specific Ancient Sets.


Yellow damage color indicates SD damage hit.

This shows the damage that will be deducted in our SD(Shield Defense).



Red damage color indicates HP damage hit.

It refers to the Regular Damage made by others. This Depends on your defense and how strong the person is attacking you. It also means that you dont have SD Anymore cause it hits directly in your life/HP.


White damage color indicates HP damage hit.

White damage is acquired from punish ertell with a pentagram that has critical damage chance. Usual is caped for 250'000


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