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Locrusmu x100 rate,season 16,web shop off,offlevel after week

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Season 16 IGCN Premium

Hello Mu online players!Year 2020 was for many of us challenging, due to Covid-19 pandemic many of us lost their jobs, loved ones and maybe a little bit of freedom as well.Because of these difficult times we decided to bring back something from the past, something everyone loved and that is our Locrus Mu online server. We would like some old faces, from Esamu to Daemu, to come back and play with us once more.Let's forget for a while all the hardships of real life in these crazy times, come play with us this immortal game and lets make something good out of 2020.Our team has been working hard on this server for a long time in private. We have one month left to the final product and introduction of final settings.This post is more like to let you guys know we are out there working on this and to share our vision how Locrus server will look like. Our LocrusMU will be primarily for Czech-Slovak community, but we have to try to appeal to some foreign countries so we can grow.We've invested in this server a lot, so our server has the best server files on the market right now and that's IGCN premium files with the new Season 16. We also have new web sites which fully support Season 16.VPS hosting, webhosting and DDOS protection is a MUST have in this times so of course we got it.There are plans to make different types of servers in future like fun, non res etc, but in this season we picked Medium option, because we believe it has longer playtime.

Basic server info:Season 16 Episode 2 
Dynamic exp 
Max 2 accounts for one HWID adress.
Elf Soldier buff to 200 level.
Helper active from level 80.
* Level to create Dark Knight, Dark Wizard , Fairy Elf, Summoner,Rune Wizard,Grown Lancer: 1
* Level to create Magic Gladiator: 110
* Level to create Rage Fighter: 120
* Level to create Dark Lord: 130
* Level to create Slayer: 140
* Level to create GunCrasher: 150
OffLevel will be turned on after first week.WebShop will NOT be available.
CashShop will be available, but amount of bonus exp from pets, seals etc., will be nerfed, so the VIPs don't have too much advantages.
All events fully functional.
All web applications fully functional.Character balance and monster strenght tuned carefully.All the information to this functions will be added to facebook/web gradually.If you like what you see here please share our web or facebook page to the other players you know, because the more the merrier!






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