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I'm excited to invite you all to my Mu server. An old-style server with modern-day innovations.
A server that will provide an exceptional gaming experience combined with PVP, combo for each class and unique balance. I'm more than happy to see you on our server!

Website http://musiege.co.il/ |   Register http://musiege.co.il/-id-Register.html   | Downloads http://musiege.co.il/-id-Downloads.html

Season 3
Exp: 99999
Drop: 90
MaxStats: 32767
Level up points: 30

PVP Balance!!
Combo for each class!!!
Classic Shops
Challenging spots
Reconnect System
Advanced Monster Life
FPS 30
Build Your Own Exc Options

Castle Siege
Blood Castle
Chaos Castle
Devil Square
Kundun & Illusion of Kundun
[COLOR="Black"]Castle Siege[/COLOR]

Chaos Goblin rate:
+10 100%
+11 100%
+12 100%
+13 100%
No Jewel of Harmony in Store, Have 2 Spots For Gamestones. Arena/Lorencia.Reset in website or in game.
Add Stats in website or in game.
PK Clear in website or in game.
X Store [Special Editions].
Event Time
Virtual Shop

Commands in Game:
/addcmd for lord.
/online check if GM is online.

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