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[Season8] Jewels Of Pandora

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Jewel of Pandora

  • This system is to dig Jewel of Bless in mining areas after equipped Pandora Pick
  • When Pandora Pick (two-handed) is used to dig in mining areas,
    the durability will be consumed and the durability could be repaired by Jewel of Bless.
Jewel of Pandora

[Description] Jewel of Pandora

  • Pandora Pick (two-handed) can be purchased from NPC Weapons Merchant Bolo in the Kalutan.
Weapons Merchant Bolo
Location of NPC Kalutan
Name of NPC Weapons Merchant Bolo
Price 100,000 Zen
  • When Pandora Pick (two-handed) is equipped, a mining area will be shown in safe areas of specific areas, Lost Tower ,Tarkan, Aida, Swamp of Peace and La Cleon. (Except those areas, a mining area will not be shown.)
  • Lost Tower Safe Zone

    Lost Tower Safe Zone

  • Lost Tower Safe Minimap

    Lost Tower Safe Minimap

  • Tarkan Safe Zone

    Tarkan Safe Zone

  • Tarkan Safe Mini Map

    Tarkan Safe Mini Map

  • Aida Safe Zone

    Aida Safe Zone

  • Aida Mini Map

    Aida Mini Map

  • La Cleon Safe Zone

    La Cleon Safe Zone

  • La Cleon Mini Map

    La Cleon Mini Map

  • There are three kinds of mining areas in each area and each Pandora Pick (two-handed) has different durability.
  • More jewels can be obtained in an area where requires more consumption of durability.
  • La Cleon Safe Zone

    Mining Area (Blue)
    Pandora Pick (two-handed)s
    Consumption of Durability 2

  • La Cleon Mini Map

    Mining Area (Purple)
    Pandora Pick (two-handed)s
    Consumption of Durability 4

  • La Cleon Mini Map

    Mining Area (Gold)
    Pandora Pick (two-handed)s
    Consumption of Durability 8


- When all 5 times of mining attempts are successful, players may get a chance to see a special message called Gift of Pandora, and will be able to obtain more Jewels of Bless.

  Success of
one time mine
Success of
two times mine
Success of
three times mine
Success of
four times mine
Success of
five times mine
Gift of Pandora
Mining Area
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless
Mining Area
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless
Mining Area
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Bless

How to mine Jewel of Pandora

  • First of all, you need to purchase Pandora Pick (two-handed). (NPC, Weapons Merchant Bolo, in Karutan sells Pandora Pick (two-handed).
  • The first durability of Pandora Pick (two-handed) is 1. Therefore, you cannot do anything with the item.
  • Durability of Pandora Pick (two-handed) needs to be repaired using Jewel of Bless to use Pandora Pick (two-handed) and the maximum of durability is 255.
  • When one Jewel of Bless is used to repair, the durability of Pandora Pick (two-handed) is repaired +4 and Bundle of Jewel of Bless can be used.
    (10 Jewels of Bless = 40 durability is repaired / 20 Jewels of Bless = 80 durability is repaired / 30 Jewels of Bless = 120 durability is repaired)
How to mine Jewel of Pandora
  • Move to the safe area of Lost Tower, Tarkan, Aida, Swamp or Peace and La Cleon after equipped Pick Pandora (Two-Handed).
  • If you equip Pick Pandora (Two-Handed), you can see a mining area.
  • Click left button of mouse to start mine.
  • When mining attempts, the durability of Pick Pandora (Two Handed) will be consumed. 
    (The amount of consumption is different in each area.)
  • Mining areas are divided as 5 levels.
  • Jewel of Bless will be obtained, when mining attempt is successful in each level.
    (Amount of Jewels is different in each area.)
  • However, when the mining attempt fails, the obtained jewels will disappear.
  • Jewel of Bless will be obtained after mine is succeeded in each level. (Obtained jewels will be given, when you move to another coordinate.)
  • When all attempts of mining is successful including the last level, rarely huge amount of jewels will be obtained.
  • When the jewels are obtained, ID / Mining Area / Amount of obtained jewels will be displayed at the middle of screen.
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