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4FunMU 500x - 08.OCTOBER

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Server Information
Version: Season III Custom
Experience: 500x
Happy Hours: 1000x Drop:70%
Item drop: 65%
BlessBug : Off
Points per level: 5/6
Maximum Points: 32767
Reset cost: 20.000.000 zen
Max level: 400
PK Clear cost: 250.000 Zen
Post(/post) cost: 500.000 Zen
Level for reset: 400
Level for create Guild : 250
Elf Buffer Max level: 300
Grand Reset: 65 resets ( = 4000 credits )
Ancient + Excellent F.O.
Grand Reset Reward
Vote Reward
Exchange online hours for credits

Rates success:

- Jewel Of Soul success: 80%
- Jewel Of Soul success + Luck: 80%
- Jewel Of Life success: 80%
- Item +10 success: 90%
- Item +11 success: 90%
- Item +12 success: 85%
- Item +13 success: 85%

Events / Quests:

Castle Siege -> 16:00 GMT+2 "Saturday"
Blood Castle
Golden Invasion
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
CryWolf Defense
Automatic Drop Event
Kundun Inv Event
Happy Hour Event
GameMaster System Event


/post -> Global message
/str -> Add Points to Strength
/agi -> Add Points to Agility
/ene -> Add Points to Energy
/com -> Add Points to Command
/vit -> Add Points to Vitality
/marry [name] -> for marry with another charcater
/pkclear -> Clear murderer status
/reset - Reset your character from game. 400 level required.
/request off -> Deny all requests from players.
/request on -> Allow all requests from players.
/info -> Shows character resets, grand resets & webshop credits
/time -> Shows current server time
/zen -> Give's zen
/clearinventory -> Clears character inventory
/resetstr, /resetagi, /resetvit, /resetene & /resetcmd -> Resets specified character points

[b]WebPage:[/b] [url]http://www.4funmu.com[/url]
[b]Forum:[/b] [url]http://www.forum.4funmu.com[/url]
[b]FaceBook:[/b] [url]http://facebook.com/4fmuonline[/url]
[b]Discord: [url]https://discord.gg/YsbbYHtFw3[/url][/b]

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