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Mu Online PVP (Player versus player) balances explanation for newbies

On reset servers where maximum stats are high some classes can get high damage sooner that others,
One stat build classes, example: Agility build classes, like Rage Fighter, Agility Elf
Two stats build classes Energy builds +Agility: Dark Wizard, Magic Galdiator, Grow Lancer, Rune Wizard, GunCrusher
Next classes comes harder as it requires Strength + Energy and speed from Agility, like Dark Knight, Dark Lord, Slayer

One stat build characters are stronger on low stats or maxed one stats, as the three stats build classes caches up only in END game where they dominate game!
Player has to choose for his game goals, fast gains or long-term gains.
In situation where players are in early/mid game, character reset count means nothing, as one stats build characters that maxed out for example Agility can one shoot character with lot more resets or stats, as defending character must have high agility and vitally to defend!


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