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MU Chrono Season 16 X5000  Reset server.  The server is based on true mu online experience, hunting crafting and levelling with the latest Season 16 Features! The server is made in mode Hunt To Win, to get Best gear and Wings ingame player needs to grind/farm bosses events and top maps! 

Fast leveling, ingame reset, Wcoins Rewards, Free Starting Gear,  Reset Milestone and Exciting Gameplay

  • Version Season 16
  • Gaming style: Hunt/Level
  • Dynamic Experience rate: (Regular/Master/Majestic) 5000x
  • Drop 75%
  • Reset: 400lvl in game /reset, reward +20Wc +500 RUUD
  • Reset: Stats Burns: Free stats 500, Costs: 1kk*Reset.
  • Grand Reset: From 350 resets, Reward: 2000 Wcoins, 50'000 Ruud
  • Goblin Points: 1 Point for 10min online, Goblin Shop sells Exp buffs, Pets, 2.5LVL, 3LVL Wings
  • Offlevel (/offlevel) Dont have time to run pc? Leave character on offlevel and it will level in game 12Hours, offlvel max time 12hours!
  • Mini Bosses/Bosses: Ruud / Wcoin / Ancient
  • Elite Monsters Abys Atlans/Canyon: Goblin Points
  • Elite Monsters Red Icarus/Temple: Wcoins
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