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Lemuria Mage - Mu Online Season 17


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Mu Online Season 17 Brings new character Lemuria Mage

  • 1st class: Lemuria Mage
  • 2nd class: Warmage
  • 3rd class:  Archmage
  • 4th Class: Mystic Mage

Lemuria Mage Weapons

  • Kris
  • Short Sword
  • Blade
  • Small Axe
  • Hand Axe
  • Elven Axe
  • Crescent Axe
  • Crystal Morning Star
  • Crystal Sword
  • [Bound] Blue Moon Orb
  • Royal Orb
  • Myotis Orb
  • Blue Moon Orb
  • Spinel Orb
  • Almandin Orb
  • Blood Angel Orb
  • Dark Angel Orb
  • Holy Angel Orb
  • Soul Orb
  • Blue Eye Orb
  • Silver Heart Orb
  • Archangel's Absolute Orb
  • Blessed Archangel's Absolute Orb

Lemuria Mage, Warmage, Archmage, Mystic Mage Set Items

  • Mage Pad Set
  • Mage Sphinx Set
  • Mage legendary Set
  • Noble Pixie Set
  • Finesse Set
  • Geist Set
  • Blood Angel Mage Set
  • Dark Angel Mage Set
  • Holy Angel Mage Set
  • Soul Mage Set
  • Blue Eye Mage Set
  • Silver Heart Mage Set

Lemuria Mage, Warmage, Archmage, Mystic Mage Set Items Wings

  • Wings of Heaven
  • Wings of Soul
  • Eternal Wings
  • Storm's Wings

Lemuria Mage, Warmage, Archmage, Mystic Mage Skills

  • Scroll of Poison
  • Scroll of Meteorite
  • Scroll of Lighting
  • Scroll of Fire Ball
  • Scroll of Flame
  • Scroll of Ice
  • Scroll of Twister
  • Scroll of Hellfire
  • Scroll of Power Wave
  • Scroll of Inferno
  • Scroll of Teleport Ally
  • Scroll of Decay
  • Scroll of Ice Storm
  • Scroll of Wizardry Enhance
  • Marvel Burst Law Book
  • Unleash Marvel's Book
  • Ultimate Force Law Book
  • Beginner's Treatment Bead
  • Beginner Defense Enhancement Bead
  • Beginner Attack Power Enhancement Bead
  • Beginner Recovery Bead
  • Beginner Bless Bead


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