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[Season9] Urk Mountain

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About Urk Mountain hunting ground

  • img_01_ukm_01.jpg
    - Urk Mountain is a new hunting ground 
       added to Archeron where stronger
       monsters appear.
    - You can enter Urk Mountain through 
       the portal (66, 221) at Archeron
       safe zone.
    - Arka War and Protector of Archeron 
       won't be held in Urk Mountain.
    - If you die or log out, you will be teleported
       to Archeron safe zone.

Monsters in Urk Mountain

< Normal monsters >

< Boss monster >

Boss Monster of Urk Mountain (Lord Silvester)

< Basic settings >

< In battle >

< Rewards >
- When the boss monster (Lord Silvester) is killed, 
   it drops 3 of the following special rewards: pentagram, socket item, sphere,
   or tetra crystal.
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